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JPM caught with robo pants down around ankles over credit card lawsuit robo signings



May 09, 2013 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: JPM

JPM  is  at  it  again...    for  those of  us  who  know  its  business as usual  for  these alleged scum bag white business collar  criminals.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - California's attorney general sued JPMorgan Chase & Co on Thursday, accusing the company of falsely signing documents to unlawfully collect credit card debt from thousands of customers.

The company "bet that borrowers would lack the resources or legal sophistication to call bluff," the lawsuit said.

"Robo-signing" first gained prominence after the housing bubble burst in 2008, when it emerged that banks across America evicted people from their homes with false or incomplete documentation.

Among fraudulent debt collection actions, the lawsuit states that JPMorgan "illegally robo-signed" various litigation filings, including sworn documents, declarations, and verified complaints, without reviewing the relevant files or bank records or even reading the documents before signing.

Whats  next  ?  will  JPM  learn  how  to bring  people back  from  the  dead as  zombies  in  order  to  continue  to  garnish  and  seek  judgements  on  the  dead ?

Will  anything  happen  to  Jaime D ??  probably  not  he'll  get   a   B  J   if  anything...   meanwhile  customers  ~  tax payers ~  shareholders ~  lower  level employees  following orders will  take  the brunt  of  it.

JPM  will probably  settle  without admitting  any guilt...  pay a   nominal fine  and  than  proceed to the  next  criminal  like  act.

Sad that  $$$  seems  to super-sede  any kind of  reputation  or  legacy.


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