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salvadorveiga (23.53)

Just to add...



September 01, 2009 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY , QQQ

Just to add that I'm leaving because I envisioned having my blog long ago, although it ended being just a "picture server".

 So right now I'm planning to actually take a more active role in it...


There will be actually a few things going on... I will have a Forex account LIVE on the website where I intend to make above 1000% returns in less than 1 year... This will serve to me as practice for the challenge I will take on next year where I will be competing in the World Top Investor competition starting March 2010.

 The winner gets to manage a big hedge fund and rack in 20% of the profits.


Also, there will be a conservative long only portfolio with very low turnover. This portfolio I started in September 2008 right before the crash... It's almost 1 year since then now and it's up 25% I don't think there are that many people starting before the crash with a very low turnover that managed such returns.


Also, there will be a more aggressive approach. Trading in and out of stocks where the average holding period is 5-10 days trying to catch big moves. This is actually my live account and anyone can follow because it's based on daily charts so I always review the charts of the system at night and if an order is given I enter at open the next day...


This strategy allowed me to rack in almost 300% profits WITHOUT margin since November 2008... 


A few people have asked if I will charge for it... of course not. My goal here is, while sharing my views of the market, and other disciplines of markets, which really is my passion, I am also practicing on making my calls live in front of an audience, which would function as a warm up for what awaits me in March 2010...

 Anyone is more than welcome to join of course...



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Bah link is messed up... the link has 2 HTTP's


There you go:



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