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May 04, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: ITMN.DL , SHPG

 Pharmaceutical companies can be great plays in the markets. One PR stating the company is releasing a new FDA approved drug and the stock sky rockets sometimes over 100% increases. On the other hand, one PR stating the company didn’t meet requirements, or has a set back, the stock will plummet. Now that earnings season is coming to an end, investors have other biotech catalysts that they should be looking out for. These include FDA responses, medical conferences, advisory committee meetings, and more, which can really effect a stock’s market price. It’s always a good idea, as with any stock, really, to do your own extensive DD and go for the ones you personally feel comfortable playing. With that being said, here are a few stocks that are in the pharmaceutical realm that have recently entered our radar, and now we want to put them on yours.

$ITMN is anticipating to hear from the FDA today (May 4th) regarding its idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis therapy pirfenidone, a.k.a. Esbriet. The drug is a treatment for a fatal lung disease that affects about 200,000 people between the US and Europe. In March, an advisory committee voted for approval of pirfenidone despite a number of questions about safety and efficacy. Their stock has jumped up from trading in the $15 range in March up to a range of $42 – $50 in the last couple of weeks… let’s see if it will stay at that range.

$QCOR is anticipating a big meeting with Central Nervous System Drugs Advisory Committee and the Peripheral on May 6th to discuss QCOR’s Supplemental new drug application for HP Acthar Gel, which is already approved to treat flare-ups of multiple sclerosis. The supplemental drug from QCOR is already widely prescribed for the off-label use in the treatment of infantile spasms, and is now seeking the approval to market the drug for this reason. We are expecting a positive outcome from this, which we are confident will translate into positive gains in the market.

$SHPGY which will be presenting data from a study of the effects of Intuniv & Vyvanse, two of their ADHD medications combined, near the end of may at the Society of Biological Psychiatry conference in New Orleans. A label change that would allow these drugs to be taken together, will be a major positive for the company, some analysts are saying.

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And a special thanks to our friend @johnwelshphd on twitter for putting QCOR & ITMN on our radar.

Happy Trading.

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