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KEY DIFFERENCE between the Industrial Age and Digital Age



February 20, 2011 – Comments (0)

In the Industrial Age, technology made people more efficent.

Technology will replace people in the Digital Age.

On the plus side, it will consume far less resources than the current industrial models allowing a much greater percentage of the world's population to prosper....however, the change will be very convulsive for many as tasks that were once the daily existence of millions will become obsolete.

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The problem right now is technological efficiency is moving much faster than humanity can find productive work for a result millions are idle during the transition period between the Industrial Age and the Digital Age.

The PRIMARY driver keeping the Industrial Age functioning is massive European and American budget deficits...without them, the world as we know it would shut down in short order.  But by maintaining the deficits, we are concentrating spending on Food and Fuel creating unprecedented worldwide unrest.

If we still maintain Industrial Age legal, economic, and political models as more and more can't function because of lack of opportunity and rising food can be almost guaranteed that social frustration and unrest will only increase on every corner of the earth.  As social unrest increases within nations, politicians only option may be to create conflicts simply to keep their populations productively occupied.

From a politicians standpoint, once his or her own people turn against them, they are just as much the enemy as a foreign combatant...but if we can restructure our systems to adjust for the changes, we can avoid what appears to be very nasty road ahead during the transition.

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