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Keyword optimization for SEO process for a website



June 16, 2017 – Comments (0)

Importance of SEO is widely understood these days and each site that is launched in the search engine tends to be optimized. Search Engine optimization is a technique with various processes and it is done step by step. The main reason for using SEO for the site is to increase the ranking of the site in the search engine. As soon as the site is launched it gets listed in the search engine but in any page may be at the last or several pages after the first page. 

First page

The fact is that the user searching for any information or content using any keyword will visit the sites displayed in the first page of the search engine results. Very few users will navigate to the second page and to further pages. Majority of users stick to the first page only and mostly they either get the required information or content in the first page or they will change the keyword to get the required information. 

Visibility and popularity

In this scenario, the sites listed away from the first page will not be visited hence the visibility and popularity of the site will not increase. Such sites will stay stagnant unless SEO is done to increase the ranking to move to first page. Therefor if the site is commercial or business site and not listed in the first page, the business will get affected or the intended purpose of the site will be vain. Therefore it is important to do SEO process so that the ranking, visibility and popularity of the site will increase. 

Keyword optimization

The first and foremost process of SEO for a site is keyword optimization. Keyword optimization includes the processes such as: 

Keyword research

Keyword popularity

Keyword search volume

Keyword traffic 


In order to initiate keyword optimization the initial process is finding the related keywords to append the keywords with higher search volume rate and popularity. Therefore multiple keywords are to be fetched for the site as per the common or main keyword. SEO keyword scraper is used to get the list of related keywords. Millions of keywords from the complete search engine will be fetched in few seconds by the scrapper. Along with the keywords the details of the keywords such as popularity of the keyword, visibility of the keyword, search volume of the keyword and other important details will be available. 

Scrapper tools

The details of the keywords obtained with the SEO tool and the scrapper are most important for SEO process because the keywords for the site as per the niche can be appended only after identifying the search volume information, popularity and the visibility of the keywords. The keywords seldom used in the search will not be useful for the site hence it will be removed in the SEO process. That is why these details are considered as valuable for SEO. Search online to find the best available tools for scrapper. There are many keyword scrappers with multiple features so choose accordingly. 

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