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Kids...What Should We Do With Generation Debtors?



September 06, 2010 – Comments (0)

They and their politicians borowed over $50 Trillion dollars in just one generation(10X MORE than the total ALL previous generations borrowed since 1776).....and NOW THE BANKERS ARE CUTTING YOU OFF OF CREDIT?  WTF

They are taking pension payments living high off the hog with YOUR money so you can serve them food at restaurant, buy their crashing value homes, and change their bed pans?........

They are sucking tax receipts dry by taking hundreds of billions a year in medicaid/medicare payments....yet you get no insurance and kicked out of your homes.....

They are forcing you to borrow tens of thousands of dollers per year to go college.....and now you can't even find a decent job when you graduate?  Yet when we went to school, we could graduate with a four year degreee for a fraction of what one year of tuition costs today....and there were jobs galore paying great salaries because of the wonderful economy and opportunties our forefathers left for us......

and now are they going to start a REALLY BIG war so we can keep you occupied?

All of this engineered by the KING OF GENERATION DEBT....Benny Bin Bernanke and his Al Queada like wanting to take away your freedoms banker buddies on Wall Street......

Time to wake up Youth Of America.....Generation Debt is squandering the Freedoms that our forefathers so generously left for them......

You are the future.....You are the Digital Age......Good luck and Alstrymous will guide the way.


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