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Kiss Private Property Good-Bye



November 23, 2011 – Comments (0)

You CAN'T morally have PRIVATE property with PUBLIC bailouts and massive public borrowing.

Private property is a privilege of a private capital system.....where capital is created and earned privately.

Once capital is created publicly...that which the capital obtains legally and morally belongs to the public in a Republic government by WE THE PEOPLE.

Could you imagine giving Warren Buffett or Wall Street Bankers the Washington Monument or Yellowstone National Park.  These are public capital and belong to the public.

Simply handing them, or anyone else for that matter massive amounts of PUBLIC money is functionally no different.

The Occupy Movement, and similar organizations are the natural evolution of WE THE PEOPLE demanding their property back.

Who should own a home when WE THE PEOPLE bailed out the bank foreclosing on a citizen's home?

Occupy Minneapolis Occupies Second Foreclosed Home As Housing Occupations Spread

The people should of course.  I used to hammer this point a lot.....but I backed off until I knew it could not be understood until a critical mass figured it out.  Quite frankly, I am amazed how long it has been since 9.09, when Massive amounts of public capital was simply handed to a relative few, and the time it took people to finally figure it out.

welcome to the  where the rule of law actually means something.

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