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Kiss Your Freedom Goodbye My Fellow Sheep



June 17, 2010 – Comments (1)

First we traded liberty for perceived safety with the passage of the Patriot Act.

Can you believe it, a bunch of rag tag moose limbs were able to take away more of our liberties in one day than the entire Third Reich and Soviet Union was able to do in over 70 years....and they really had weapons of mass destruction.

Last March we traded freedom for perceived prosperity by bailing out the bankers and giving government an essentially unlimited line of credit from the primary dealers.

Soon we may realize we have neither safety or prosperity in exchange for our liberty and freedom.

But its OK.....we are now entering the Digital Age and liberty and freedom will be concepts of the past Industrial Age that Alstry died trying to save.


You KNEW on 9/09 that Freedom in America was essentially gone....and freedom defined as one's right to own his own production.  When it became impossible for government and banks to go bankrupt, yet possbible for citizens to become insolvent...we created a fertile foundation for government and banks to take over control of all the production in America.

Once you let bankers and government have unlimited access to money absent any contraints of your ability to basically gave government and bankers unlimited access to your freedom.....or your production/life as long as you accept money for your production.

All sheep have a price.....even the pancake eaters.....all government has to do now is make money worthless and they and bankers will be the only ones with the ability to print enough to buy everyone's freedom/production.

Government/bankers need you to produce or else they have nothing....every parasite needs a host to survive.....the only question now is whether they will take your production by making money worthless and compelling you to work or by forcing you to produce....forced civil service or draft?

In the end its is not the end of the world....simply the end of a world as you knew think the monarch Kings ever thought they would not have divine right to own your production?  You think you have some divine right to your own production anymore in the eyes of politicians and government?

Silly Sheep....pancakes are for breakfast....and some of you made fun of Alstry.  I can imagine if you Fools lived around the time of the Revolutionary era and Patrick Henry came up to you and said do you want liberty or pancakes.....most of you sheep would have chosen pancakes.

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