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Kitsapbabes' healthcare falsehoods.



October 24, 2007 – Comments (2)


There are bad people in this world. People who are willing to lie. People who will lie no matter what harm is done. I hope you are not one of those liars. I hope you are the lied to. There are many horrible lies in your healthcare post. I hope you ignorantly passed on those lies. Those lies are harmful and dangerous. If Americans make healthcare decisions based on those lies real harm will be done. People I love may suffer and die needlessly.

You stated: If you live in one of the UHC countries, like England, France, Germany, or Italy, and you get breast cancer or prostate cancer, you have about a 50% chance that you will die of that cancer.

That is absolutely untrue. According to the WHO breast cancer death rates in the UK are 28%, in the France 23% and in Italy 25% and in the US 19%. According to the American Cancer Society in 2006, 180,510 US citizens got breast cancer, 40,910 will die. 22.6%. In the UK deaths have been decreasing.

You Stated:In England, the average wait to get a heart bypass is two years. If you think about it, most people who need a bypass don't have two years to live - that's why they need the bypass.

The truth is that in the UK the maximum wait for a bypass is three months.

You state: What about the poor, you know, those people we were trying to help? Well, in UHC, money doesn't matter.

In Private Health Insurance money does matter. That is the problem. 49 million Americans do not earn enough money to buy private health insurance. And do not spew the crap about deadbeats not deserving doctors. Unemployment is what? 3.5%? Uninsurance is 16%. People who go to work every day cannot afford private health insurance. And people who pay for insurance are not getting it. The term the American Cancer Society uses is “inadequate”. In fact that is such an important idea I will paste the relevant paragraph for you.  

Especially paragraph 4:

"People expect that their insurance will be sufficient should they be faced with a major illness," Wender said. "Unfortunately, millions of Americans think they are covered, but find out too late that their insurance is inadequate, and as a consequence they often face substantial financial burdens, including being denied the care they need. No one should have to choose between taking care of their health and paying their bills."

You may find your Private Health Insurance is going to maximize profits by not covering what you get sick from.

American cancer society campaign about health insurance.

I am tired of people who lie. As those lies are exposed the liar is diminished, as is his argument. If that person truly believed that Private Health Insurance was good for America he would let the truth support his argument. Lies are only an attempt for personal gain at the expense of his countrymen. Ctmedic and I argued healthcare a while ago. He argued honestly. I will leave you with a challenge. If you want to honestly discuss Private vs. National healthcare, come back with a model country where it is working better than National.



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#1) On October 24, 2007 at 11:08 PM, rd80 (95.09) wrote:

"come back with a model country where it is working better than National."

Breast cancer death rate:  US - 19% best of Europe - 23%  Even if the ACS projection is correct, the US system is still better than the others you present on this metric.

I think you've answered your own question. 

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#2) On October 25, 2007 at 8:07 AM, devoish (68.16) wrote:


The article that sorted the WHO data did not give a date but since then according to the ACS the US stats have deteriorated. The next line of my post states "According to the American Cancer Society in 2006, 180,510 US citizens got breast cancer, 40,910 will die. 22.6%". I also linked to an artricle which says the UK is getting better under Universal. Even if you use the 19% figure it means that 7220 more US breast cancer victims would have died at the 23% death rate. I find it impossible to consider that favorable to disregarding 49,000,000 people having no health coverage at all.

The biggest factors regarding death rates are type of breast cancer, age of the victim, and early detection and improved treatments. The improvements in death rates have come mostly from early detection and improved treatments. Those improvements are available to everyone with universal health care or private insurance. The failure is that 49,000,000 Americans do not have access, not 49million French or Italian, or UK citizens.

The lies in kitsapbabe's post make a very convincing argument for Private Health Insurance. The truth does not.


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