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reddingrunner (92.06)

Knowing where NOT to invest



May 08, 2007 – Comments (0)

Australia is my pick for best market gains (nation) for the next five years:  
1) Free market, pro-business democracy.  
2) Rich in natural resources. 
3) Close to China and India's 2 billion plus people.
Second place:  USA 

Ask yourself: if you were a young entrepreneur with a great idea for a new business, an excellent business plan and enough seed money to get you through the first few years- what countries would it be best for you to find yourself in - culturally, politically, etc.  What countries would be the least promising for our young capitalist (e.g., Russia)?
Rate the countries of the world (with markets) and stick to the top ten.  Going deeper than that is too much risk (not to mention too much diversification if you have invested in the top ten).

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