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September 18, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SPY

The world has a mad-on for Ben Bernanke, not because of his beautiful, bald head and bearded, grizzled looks, but because he's swinging the largest freaking bat in the cage!  The U.S. Dollar is still the drink of choice in this global Bear party, and Ben's been keeping the taps flowing freely.  Now everyone's holding their empty cups and standing around trying to figure if he's going to hook up the next keg.

Alright, enough analogies.  I'm about to talk about something Bigger than Ben, and that his human behavior.  The Fed can't control that, nor the ECB, BOJ, Swiss Central Bank, or any other Matrix underboss.  We are in a cyclical bear market, and by the time The Powers That Be admit it, they will have redistributed as much wealth and power to themselves as possible through volatility and kneejerk, fear-mongering regulations.

Again, WE ARE IN A CYCLICAL BEAR MARKET and it will play itself out one way or another.  Trying to guide such markets is like trying to change the weather.  Humans can only do so much.

Here's the rest of the article (with charts).

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