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Varchild2008 (84.34)

Let's Burn E-Readers!!!



July 11, 2011 – Comments (0)

Grievance of the Day!

1) Instead of burning books (like that sign said on my to work this morning) let's burn
e-readers!   Save jobs, get rid of e-readers!

Wow! I love my iPAD 256,000,981 extreme collector's edition!!!    Push a button, buy a book, and no human interaction!!!    But, boy I can not find a job anywhere!!! So, I can not afford to buy the iPAD 256,000,981 extreme collector's edition much less any of the E-Books its sells.

No wonder that we learned recently of a Grocery store chain abandoning the self-checkout lanes for human interaction lanes instead.   I SALUTE the store for doing the right thing here.  There never was any problems with check-out lanes operated by humans to begin with.  You actually push through traffic FASTER than self-checkout lanes.

Or is everyone just blinded here?  Like you never saw a self-checkout lane operate like mollasses in 100 degree temperature heat as you wait behind a gigantic crowd of shoppers eagerly looking to pay for their umpteen million grocery items on the scanner machines!


SELF-CHECKOUT???                          GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I say bring back the "Baggers" as well.   I'd rather they bagged my groceries than I have to re-sort all of my groceries because the Cashier has no (*&^%$ clue about how you lump cold items into 1 bag, and dry items another.... not toss things randomly into bags as long as they fit...

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