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Let's Play! "U.S. Stock Market is Still Worth More Than..."



January 28, 2010 – Comments (0)

In light of the epic fail of Obama's recovery act creating a massive sell-off spree on the Stock Market, I figured I'd cheer up investors with a little game I call...

U.S. Stock Market is still worth more than..

1)  Curt Shilling's Blood Sock:     Ok! ok!  Not by much...not at all by much....but still!?

2)  Dan LaFever's Future NFL Potential:       What?  Don't know who he is?  He's the star quarterback of the champion Central Michigan Football team... Granted they play in a lesser league than the Wolverines and Buck Eyes....but still????

3)  The BING search engine:   Should you purchase the BING search engine you'd pay considerably less even STILL than the U.S. Stock Market despite the massive selling spree!

4)  President Obama's 2012 Presidential Primary Chances:   With rumors perculating that Hillary Clinton may throw up a Primary 2012....That lowers President's Obama's primary chances lower than the value of the U.S. Stock Market! 

5) Any given Blog Post by Varchild2008:       Yes my blog posts are still cheaper...much cheaper than the U.S. Stock Market despite the DOW losing 700 pts in 2 weeks.

6) Rush Limbaugh's chances he'll switch to Sirius/XM:   That's right!  The chances of this are so slim.....that the Stock Market is worth more in value than betting that Rush will switch.

7) Dave and Tom Gardner's Politics:    That's right...when Dave and Tom Gardner got political asking investors to agree with them that the FEDs should buy ownership stakes in Banks with Taxpayer money.... Politics like STILL...STILL....worth less than the Stock Market.

8)  A Cup of Instant Coffee at Starbucks:    Yes!  To buy a box of Instant starbucks you'll pay at least $10.00 before taxes....  And that's worth less...not by much....than the U.S. Stock Market.

9)  Any given Jim Cramer Recommendation:   As much as we value his recommendations...they still are worth less than the U.S. Stock Market during today's sell-off bonanza.

Finally!!!    The #1  reason why you should not panic over the Stock Market cause the Market is still worth more than.....

10)  Putting a PETA Commercial on during the SuperBowl)    You know where they select a random chick to say something dreadfully boring and stupid while stripping?   Well... The U.S. Stock Market is worth more than even that!

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