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Listen up Hedge funds and churches and news media.



November 07, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AUY , GLD , OIL

You are awash in money that you need to put to work. Now is the time to make some decisions. Will you put it into wall street or will you plan ahead and do something for your country? What I mean by this is now is the time the Farmers of this great nation need you. They need help to get the harvest to market. The market needs to get it to the city and the farmer needs money to plant next years crop. No one is talking about it. Do you want China or Russia to lend to the farmer here with a clause for the food to be shipped to China or Russia? I for one don't. Do some research on this and get you money in gear and put your money to work. Talk to the Farmers and to in between people. The central bank and the IMF have failed America again and the Farmer needs your help now. Who cares if you have a house if you have to pay 6.00 dollars for a loaf of bread? What else will you have to give up. I can live off peanut butter sandwiches now but can I a year from now? Go Fly and Get to Work and do your homework.

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