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Loose Lips Sink Ships Cramer



March 21, 2007 – Comments (1)

Does anybody argue with the fact that Cramer is entertaining? This article from the NY Post highlights where he got a little disclosure-happy.

Even better than the article, though, is the actual video (courtesy of YouTube of course). 

Sure you can watch the video and chuckle, but I found what he had to say interesting. I think it's a good reminder that there are plenty of people out there throwing around a lot of money who have a very vested interest in where a given stock moves over the next day or couple days. Patience and a long term perspective is once again my take away -- you're probably not going to see a hedge fund trying to manipulate the price of a stock over a 5-year time frame.


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#1) On March 21, 2007 at 5:48 PM, ifthenelsenull (36.56) wrote:

You are absolutely correct in the long term approach.  Owning stocks is about owning a piece of the company.  Either you own something of value or you do not.  Hedge funds really do have the ability to make swings.  I remember the past story about the analyst firm who was writing negative reports on the request of a hedge fund.  I'll try to research it to get the specifics.  If I have learned anything it's that analysts don't work for you and the only person with your best interests in mind is usually you.

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