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Lurkers: Come Out Into the Light



November 08, 2011 – Comments (0)

Board: The BMW Method

Author: captainccs

[Ed's Note: This post was written on a specific board, but it applies to all boards, blogs, and article comments.]

Your presence neither adds nor subtracts from the board because we don't even know that you are here. But, in fact, both you and the rest of us are losers. You might learn something but you could learn much more if you were visible and we would learn something from you. And since traffic attracts traffic, the board would grow and we would all learn even more.

Most lurkers, on the occasional time they do post, say something to the effect that they have nothing to contribute. I know for a fact that that is not true. Surely you have some questions, don't you? You can never tell what sort of a thread an interesting question might spark. I doubt you know everything and that is what leads me to believe that you have questions you could ask. Please ask them. Please, in return for lurking quietly, ask a question, no matter how trivial you might think it is.

I tend to chatter quite a bit more than most and it's not because I know more than you do. I just like to chatter. But it's not idle, I learn a lot from it. Having to put your thoughts on paper or on a computer screen forces you to organize your thoughts into a sensible stream of words. On more than one occasion I have found myself unable to prove the thesis I was planning on talking about. Lesson learned!

At other times one has to research a post and Google keeps bringing up lots of data which one would never have seen but for researching a post. Some of it is relevant to the post. At other times one goes off on a fun goose chase listening to music, watching forgotten films or reading about odd bits and pieces of trivia. While this may seem a waste of time, it is everything but. It creates the fodder for new ideas.

Inventiveness is not that an original idea comes into the mind out of the blue; inventiveness is rearranging a bunch of old thoughts into a new and meaningful new whole. Anyone can do it if he just lets himself do it. I have two example I'm going to link to, one you all surely know and the other most likely you don't but whose output you most certainly have heard about.

Steve Jobs and Creativity

The Tweaker
The real genius of Steve Jobs.
by Malcolm Gladwell

You probably have heard about General Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf and his great victory called Operation Desert Storm but you probably never heard of Colonel John Boyd, the man who developed the strategic ideas implemented during the Gulf War. Colonel Boyd also happens to be the father of the F-16, one of the most successful airplanes in America's arsenal. Can you guess where I found out about John Boyd? Right here at TMF!


Email to Stuart Kauffman re Reinventing the Sacred

So, come on out and join us!

Denny Schlesinger

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