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April 15, 2010 – Comments (4)

What is the FairTax plan?

The FairTax plan is a comprehensive proposal that replaces all federal income and payroll based taxes with an integrated approach including a progressive national retail sales tax, a prebate to ensure no American pays federal taxes on spending up to the poverty level, dollar-for-dollar federal revenue neutrality, and, through companion legislation, the repeal of the 16th Amendment.

The FairTax Act (HR 25, S 296) is nonpartisan legislation. It abolishes all federal personal and corporate income taxes, gift, estate, capital gains, alternative minimum, Social Security, Medicare, and self-employment taxes and replaces them with one simple, visible, federal retail sales tax  administered primarily by existing state sales tax authorities.

The FairTax taxes us only on what we choose to spend on new goods or services, not on what we earn. The FairTax is a fair, efficient, transparent, and intelligent solution to the frustration and inequity of our current tax system.

The FairTax:

*Enables workers to keep their entire paychecks

*Enables retirees to keep their entire pensions

*Refunds in advance the tax on purchases of basic necessities

*Allows American products to compete fairly

*Brings transparency and accountability to tax policy

*Ensures Social Security and Medicare funding

*Closes all loopholes and brings fairness to taxation

*Abolishes the IRS


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#1) On April 15, 2010 at 2:21 PM, vriguy (70.47) wrote:

I worry when I see words like progressive retail tax on consumption. What exactly does it mean? should a guy making half of what I make pay lower tax when we buy exactly the same TV at the same price? 

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#2) On April 15, 2010 at 6:03 PM, catoismymotor (< 20) wrote:

#1 - You should visit the site and read what it has to say.

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#3) On April 15, 2010 at 11:59 PM, soycapital (< 20) wrote:

I support the fair tax with a monthly contribution. You should support them also with time and or money. Spreading the word costs money these days.

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#4) On May 10, 2010 at 10:03 PM, tryinhawaiian (< 20) wrote:


With the Fair Tax, everyone would pay the same tax rate as every one else.  That's why its called the Fair Tax.  Everyone is treated the same in the eyes of the law,  That's EVERYONE.  Rich, middle class or needy,  all the same.  Everyone would get a "prebate" check from the Fed every month to offset the tax paid on NEW products,  services,  food,  drugs (no exemptions) up to the poverty level depending on the size of your family and your yearly income. 

With the Fair Tax,  the IRS goes away, abolished, along with its impossible to understand 67,000 page tax code.  No more filing tax returns of April 15th.  That day becomes just another beautiful day in April.   AAAHHH smell the roses.   No payroll or income taxes are deducted from your paycheck.  You take your entire paycheck home every month.  Just what are you and your family going to do with an additional $ 2,000 to  $3,000.00 dollars in your pocketbook every month?  Maybe more if yours is a double income home.  I know I would be spending at least a good part of that money to upgrade my living standards.  In that way I would be paying my  part of the cost of government.  But I would have something material to show for my hard earned dollars.   Now,  they just take it before you even get your hands on it.  

Please go to  and read for yourself how this consumer tax plan will get us all out from under the financial mess we find ourselves in.





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