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Manufacturing is at a teetering point to come back to Western Hemisphere



August 26, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: PIE

Or SOuth and Central America. The western hemisphere should be the focus of our economic development for the next ten years. Why?

Countries are becoming stable and driven by economics.

Colombias notorious crime waves are weakened. Plus all the corrupt people from a generation ago want to invest now in a stable future. Its happening.

Honduras, currently teaches their students in English and Spanisha t all the major manufacturing sities for the past 20 years.And yes, they speak and write better english than most Americans I have spoken to recently. They have a high acaademic advancement rate, with most of them getting skilled in highly technical jobs and working with the most complex equipment. No, no the McDonalds fry maker, as every american teen can do. These young people understand CAD, Manufacturing processes, mills, and other machinery.

These countries in the majority peg their money on the Greenback.

They are comsumers of everything Fashion, they love cell phones are hungry to strive and have positive outlooks. The crime rates are down, and the only ones left shouting like  Communist is the idiot we need to get rid of before he becomes another Kadaffi, im speaking of Chavez and I dont wish it on anyone, but I hope he drops dead of cancer.Venezuela, is a key country with their vast resources.

If you are not seeing results on searches its because you need to go to the spanish search engines. An open market for companies wanting to enter and compete.

The devaluation of the dollar, which in a wierd way, is being supported up by the Yuan is causing prices to become better to manufacture here and in the Western Hemisphere.

If congress grew some pants, the taxes that American companies should be paying by exporting profits and all to other countries, will give a tax break to those a bring them back, and a tax hike.


The trade agreements highly favor a western hemisphere explosion.

Check out the funds focused on South and Central America. They are becoming interesting.

Carlos Slim is now openly investing in Honduras.

Manufacturing may start looking cheaper here, but the hot market trend is South and Central America.

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#1) On August 28, 2011 at 3:33 PM, truthisntstupid (79.76) wrote:

Wow, that sounds great.  If things are looking up for countries like Honduras then as their economies start warming up will that be really good for us, too?

I was in Honduras for about 3 weeks somewhere around 1983, yeah, long time ago.   Sure was hot.  What really sticks out in my mind is how incredibly poor most of the people were.  A kid wanted to shine my boots for 25 cents.  

I gave him $20 instead.  To me it was just - well, $20.  But I guess at the time it was as much money as he would normally see in 6 or 8 months. It felt good.

The expression on his face was well worth the $20.

Anyway, the Iran-Contra thing was still in the news all the time, and the US was denying all involvement in the Nicarauguan and El Salvadorean political struggles.

But just down the road from where I was some Green Berets were training El Salvadoreans.

I watched a company of Seabees build a small base in about 2 days not far from Pirate's Cove.  At this diner in Pirate's Cove we liked, we could get an incredible steak dinner for a little over a dollar.

If our neighboring countries that are that poor experienced a surge in their economy, I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't very good for us as well.


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#2) On August 28, 2011 at 3:38 PM, truthisntstupid (79.76) wrote:

"...I wouldn't be surprised if it weren't very good for us as well."

I wouldn't be surprised it it were very good for us as well.

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