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Mark Zuckerberg on Immigration



April 11, 2013 – Comments (0)

Yesterday Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook published an opinion piece in the Washington post found here.  He joins Bill Gates as a fellow technology entrepreneur calling for more high skilled immigration.  This piece is apparently creating some buzz and there are aspects I agree with and aspects I disagree with.


1. Our immigration policy needs reform.  Whenever the immigration debate starts there is always a tone of keep the low skilled immigrants out, yet most people ignore that we are keeping the high skilled immigrants out.  We want the high skilled immigrants to come here and stay here.

2. We should not kick out graduate level Math and Science college majors.  You should have a green card stapled to your diploma. 

3.  I want the smartest most driven people to reside in America.  I want this to be the land of opportunity (not the land of guaranteed entitlements).  America has a culture of entrepreneurship and we want entrepreneurs to come here and start businesses.   


4. I don't like how he softened up the language to call an illegal immigrant an "undocumented" immigrant.  If somebody comes to this country illegally they are an illegal immigrant.  Other appropriate words are law breaker or criminal.  Simply calling somebody undocumented makes it sound like they were eligible to be here they just forgot to go get the license.  It makes it sound like they got pulled over for speeding and forgot their ID at home.  These word games are a cheap sales tactic I'd expect for an unethical politician.

5. On one hand Zuckerberg says that one of his best students (who'se parents are illegal immigrants) should stay, but later on he says we need "effective border security".  So which is it Zuck?

6.  Two families want to move to America for a better life.  One family gets on a wait list... forever... and the other family just comes here illegally.  When the authorities catch the illegal immigrants they get to stay because they've been here long enough?  Then what is the point of having rules and incentives if we don't follow them?   If you don't like the rules then we need to change the rules, but ignoring the rule of law is dangerous.  The President is also responsible for enforcing the rules whether he agrees with them or not.

7. I agree not enough H-1B Visas are granted by our government.  I think calling H-1B's talented specialists is an exageration.  A lot of the H-1B jobs are more entry level yet companies love hiring H-1B's because the workers can get paid ~$20,000 less per year for the same work and are extremely loyal.  Doing bad at work isn't a question of being laid off, it's a question of being sent home, so these people tend to work very hard for less money.  I want more H-1B's but don't act like they are all top of the food chain employees.

There are lots of European immigrants, many college educated, that want to come here but are denied.  I know frustrated legal immigrants that have been here 5-10 years that just want their family to come visit them but they are denied tourist visas.  This frustrates me among a back drop of 10-15 million illegal immigrants.

Funny story but one of the Eastern Europeans I spoke to said, "if they granted every person from my country that wanted to come here a visa, there would be no more people in my country".



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