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Mauldin 10/28/2008; He's Right! He's Wrong!



December 28, 2013 – Comments (0)

and right again.  From the depths of the deep dark sea...

S&P just closed at 969, heading to 666 (ok, 667, but the devil none the less) in a few short months.


Sheesh- look this letter up;  

"How Shall We Then Invest?" John Mauldin Thoughts from the Frontline.

It's kind of a tough read.  He get's into an "argument" between Warren Buffett and Jeremy Grantham, two smart cookies.  By way of Crestmont Research, if Grantham is correct, boo-hoo.  If Buffet is correct, in 2013 (hey, that's now!!) the S&P will be at 1,836 (based on earnings reverting to the mean...not likely says JG, totally likely says WB)

1,836 you say?  in 2013??


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