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Medical Diagnostics, Equipment, and Breast Cancer



January 07, 2011 – Comments (0)

One of the most recent TED talks was delivered by Deborah Rhodes, a doctor and director at the Mayo clinic.  She spoke on the subject of breast screening technology, particularly one that she has had a hand in developing. 

There are a number of lessons to learn from this, including those related to the manner in which disruptive advances like the one discussed get considered and become realities.  Also factors effecting how they get developed and commercially distributed, as well as the direction of medical technologies in general.  The presentation raises questions as well which are left unsaid.

But this is such a powerful talk that I'd just as soon have it stand on its own than clutter it with opinion and comment (maybe later).

Please watch and be influenced.



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P.S. Embedded via youtube since I couldn't get the TED embed code to show in the preview.  The link at the top is to the talk via the TED site.  TED stands for Technolgoy, Entertainment, Design, and so far as I can tell simply provides a forum for the distribution of ideas and experiences.  Often really interesting content.

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