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Microsoft vs. Yahoo



May 20, 2008 – Comments (0)

Ok, I admit it. I do not follow or watch these companys. I learn more about them from listening to people whine about Vista or write about the butt-kicking Google has delivered to Yahoo. Recently a proposed buy-out/ merger/cooperative agreement has dominated the airwaves concerning these companys. So you are asking if Devoish doesn't know the companys what has Devoish to offer the discussion of this endlessly analyzed merger that may never come to pass. Not much really, but here goes. Actually it is mostly some other guys work that I would like to pass along, combined with two events I personally noticed, that came after this other guys work was posted on the internet, free, for me to share with proper credit given. Many of you are concerned with how MSFT is valuing Yahoo (I don't even know the yahoo ticker) and whether or not Yahoo should have held out for more and whether or not MSFT will raise their offer.

Today on CNBC there are reports of some cooperative agreement being reached between yahoo and MSFT. There is also a Warren Buffet interview on CNBC wherein he jokes about breaking a toe over at the Gates residence last week and if he were inclined he could possibly sue and pass Mr Gates as Forbes richest American.

Now I would never have put those two seperate discussions together had I not read this blog post from Mr Jeff Matthews who says he is not making this up.

Now I do not know whether or not he is making stuff up, but I do not think so, and those of you who are concerned about whether or not Mr Gates knows what he is willing to offer for Yahoo might find all this interesting.

I feel like Melanie Griffith in "Working Girl", but not nearly so attractive.



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