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Mike Casstle and BP and last but not least call options and FED and JUNE



May 21, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , SVL , AUY

There is a way to stop the oil spill. The powers that be do not want it to stop IMO. The tape will tell you who could stop it. Ok powers did you hear the sneeze? Yertle the Turtle is back and not happy.  May what you have done to the least of these people and animals be done to you. May you receive what you have given. As it is written so shall it be. Now that I have had my little rant it IMO is time to short GS C JPM maybe even BOA and Chase and Doycha Bank. This is a continuation on my last post. Getting us ready for a one world Governance. Well I have posted video's in the past on how the institutions have been shorting the market on silver. Did you have a call option on gold for last month or this month that you could not collect? Did the bankers who sold the options then short the product so they did not have to pay you? Do you feel safer with puts and options? Housing just the start of the tip of the ice berg? I do believe the sh,, is about to hit the fan again within the next six months. They have stopped the farmers and now the fisherman. Got to import more food from around the world. Russian's remember what it was like with empty store shelves.Soon Wal Mart which in the last 5 years carries about half the selection it used to I have been watching it with my own eyes will seem like a Sack 5th avenue and the dollar store will seem like the wal mart. Now if the real inflation gets stated and if was about 56% last 12 months when the gold and silver stops getting shorted what do you think that will look like. Hyper inflation in a recession or Depression. Then what do you think will happen to all the ARM resets do? The people will not be able to afford the house. I like the chart in the second vid.  Then there is the bonds and Commercial Real estate and no FDIC protection for your money in the bank by Sept or this year's end. Boy now I can not even say my money market account is good. I need answer's on the FDIC. Remember it is run by Rockafeller who sold oil to Hilter. Do we really trust him now for the insurance on the FDIC? Do you feel the butterfly's wings fluttering and the black swan coming? Oh and this was spelled checked and I don't care. I can't spell worth a durn not darn so just deal with it. ;-P 

Now this one is because I have a wierd bent. Jim Rogers states the IMF of which OUR FED is part of was in talks about taking the US dollar away from being the world currency. Not that I am complety uber bearish then The stock market will go up.

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