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Minyanville makes LYING a whole lot better



June 02, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GME

Ok, Mike Schuster of Minyanville clearly wants us all to lie to each other.  He has to!

He's a failure! 

1)  Is it true that you have to pay an additional fee for digitally downloading a video game on   ???           (yes)

However, when Minyanville points out how Amazon and Steam use accounts instead of additional fees for digital downloading to protect your purchase should your hard drive crash, they conveiniantly leave out

Impulse works exactly like STEAM and AMAZON by having users create accounts and through those accounts you have your PC video games you download, store, and play through Impulse's software.  Lose your hard drive?  Just log back into Impulse and re-download what you bought.  Impulse since the beginning of last month was acquired by Gamestop.

2)  Minyanville talks about how video gamers on reddit are angry/upset over Gamestop's policy.
They mention how piracy is better and obviously what Gamestop wants you to do because of this policy.  They mention a video game as their primary and only example, "Magicka."

So...Let's stick with Mike Schuster's example shall we? 

They show that the price of MAGICKA to download on Gamestop is:

$4.99  +
$3.95         (additional fee to store a backup of your game for 18 months)
$8.94  total

Guess what Minyanville's Mike Schuster conveniantly decided not to share with their readers? 

After comparing Gamestop's policy with Amazon and Steam, I decided to take a look at how much it would cost me to download the same PC video game, MAGICKA, on

The total cost?    $9.95.

Guess what?   The protection fee that Gamestop assigns is in fact built right into Amazon's digital downloading pricing.   But, you pay more to download the game through Amazon than you do through Gamestop's website.

Just because you do not see the itemized fee does not mean the pricing doesn't reflect the fee.
Because, if Amazon did not charge you for protecting your purchase, then you should be paying LESS for MAGICKA and not MORE than what you pay for it on AMAZON vs. Gamestop.

Of course Amazon's protection like STEAM and IMPULSE are forever vs. 18 months.  But, paying $1.00 less for the video game would be the trade-off the purchaser has to decide.

Would you buy the same PC game for $1.00 more on Amazon?  Or would you get it for $1.00 less on GAMESTOP?   Depends entirely on how much protection you want from Hard Drive Crashes.

Of course, I personally back up my digital downloads on CDs or DVDs if the company I downloaded the game from does not provide any backup means. 

Perhaps Minyanville likes to pay more for their PC video games or perhaps they were paid by AMAZON to produce a negative article to attack Gamestop with..... Regardless, telling the community....your readership.....just 1/2 of the whole truth is a disservice.

Therefore, I am Downgrading MINYANVILLE's Mike Schuster to "Outlook Negative" when it comes to Gamestop articles.

Am I wrong for accusing Mike Schuster of Lying?   Let me have it in the comments below and explain how accusing Gamestop of "Preferring Piracy" is any better.

Mike Schuster Quote,

"OK, GameStop clearly wants us to pirate video games. It has to. There's no other explanation."

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