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Misplaced Recs - All Glory to TMF



November 25, 2009 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: C , AP , S

Before I wish you all a happy Thanksgiving and log off for a few days, I wanted to point out that a blog devoted to pancake recipes subsequently hijacked by our beloved Alstry is blowing out TMFJake's blog on the release of a new FREE service available to all of you. Where is the love?

This is a better time than any to send a big thank you to The Motley Fool staff and everyone that meaningfully contributes to the CAPS forum, unlike myself. With all of the finger pointing regarding entitlements going on around here I would expect more CAPS players to come to the realization that a variety of wonderful services and ideas are being provided to them at no cost as they simultaneously complain about the current system, like myself. I would also like to thank the premium subscribers and advertisers that make our freeloading possible.

I love that recipes can be shared on CAPS, I really do, but lets make sure the people that continue to make CAPS the best site on the net and those willing to spend their time sharing in-depth investment analyses get the recognition they deserve. Please use your recs responsibly and sparingly to ensure that the best content rises above the alarmists, crybabies, and HypnoToads. 

Jake - I gave you a rec and withheld one from the pancake blog to help tip the scales. Good luck.

Thank you all. Happy Thanksgiving!  To the Canadian CAPS members and those living abroad -happy hockey game or work week or whatever you socialists do in lieu of working (sarcasm present). 

P.S. - Speaking of those who contribute I would love to see Jakila with a TMF in front of his username to ensure that one more big contributer is not run off by the CAPS malcontents.

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