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MNLU.OB, some diary entries I found in the woods while hiking near there....



April 13, 2010 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GA.DL , TO.DL , R

I see some really good PITCHES on the MNLU.OB (Mainland Resouces) forum explaining why it's a downthumb.

Actually, I think the founders are pretty smart.  I found some diary pages while I was hiking in the woods near there recently.  I checked and there is a lot of factual material in there, including the sell of equities by one of their early lawyers for a nickel.  A lot of material that can be found in their SEC filings, but I don't know how true any of it really is, cause like I said, I found it in the woods while hiking.

 With apologies to my "Southern" Friends........again, I found it...... :)

As well as apologies for those who made the effort to write real pitches over the last two years. 


 4/12/2010: ($1.60). Dear Diary, here we's goes again. Those dar investors are really nice folks. We han't made no profit off the oil in the last three years, but that alligator meat is doing preddy good. Ned finally got a tombstone for his grave, not that there was much left to bury. Our book value is no $0.045 per share. Me an cousin Larry has been arguing how to play poker with the shares as we don't have any half cent coins to make change. We's was rounding to a nickel, but when we print some more of those there shares to sell you folks at $1.60 each, I's hear they will only have a book value of $0.04 each. Not too sure how that works, but keep those checks coming. Hollywood weather sounds pretty good.


1/20/2010: (1.70) yes'em, we stills have no money and no revenue, but by golly, dim dar boys at Moran and Exxi has hit the mother loade of oil and NG not too fur from us. There gotta be some of that near our empty holes. If'n not then we can bore into their pipe like we did on our first drill hole when we hit er big! For now, we'll just keep selling that dar alligator meat to the turists, or whats ever elsen we find under the tires of the trucks. Don't know what no P/S of 56 has to do with it, we do that in the outhouse and it's nobodies elses business. P/B of 30? Why that sounds good. 30 PandB sandwiches will feed the youngens just fine.


3/4/2009: ($2.00) Not much oil in the swamp that you can get permitted to drill out. Hard not to disturb the wildlife, especially dem gators. in Holly, lots of gators, good eating. Want to thank you folks for speculating on our stock. Our goal here at Mainland is to load the truck up and head to Hollywood sometime soon. Suspect at this rate we can get nough folks to buy into our undeveloped oil and the fact our company only has $393,000 in the bank, or about 0.01 per share that we can sell this here company and the gators for a few million. Good luck, load the truck Pa, Hollywood here's we come!


1/12/2009: ($1.58) I'm real sorry folks, but their ain't no oil in Holly Field, or at least any the environmental folks will let us get at. We have, however, been using dem der stock sales that we had the last two quarters to transport in some crocs from Ol' Joe's place in Florida, (JOE) We've been raisin a fine brood of crocs and expect to be harvesting them real soon. We is hopin that we have enough money left from our ventures to buy nough shotgun shells to harvest them dar crocs safely. If'n our lawyers who set this up for us, Horton, Urquhart, and Newport says we has any money left, then cousin Fedun will fatten them crocs up real good. Lawyer Jivraq, our first layer didn't leave much money for us when he sold all of his shares back in Feb. 08 for a nickel, so that there new money you folks sent us was sure nice. Those Crocs chewed plumb through that net cousin Ned was using....poor Ned, but he ner was too bright..........



TSIF, reporting....., The Sky isn't falling today, but it's probably raining down there in Holly.  Good for the gators.    Actually Gator meet is pretty good...tastes like chicken......


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