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DANSHOE (< 20)

money map report



March 12, 2010 – Comments (5)

hi im  very new to investing world. I would like to know if anybody reads Money Map report?

What do you make of this "geiger index"?   It all sounds too good to be true or am I missing something? I would very much appreciate some advic here.

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#1) On March 12, 2010 at 11:17 PM, SnapDave (50.35) wrote:

I've looked into Money Morning/Money Map. Their services seem grossly overhyped for mediocre or worse advice. If I remember right 'geiger' uses an options strategy that is highly profitable but will wipe you out when things go wrong (they always do eventually). Keith Fitz-Gerald seems like a very bright advisor but I'm very unimpressed by his services and those associated with him.

Jon Markman's service is also pimped on Money Morning. I did a free trial of this (Strategic Advantage). Half his recs are ETF's. I can't see paying to get those. The other half is a list of 10 stocks you're supposed to buy at the beginning of the month then sell at the end then buy 10 new ones. Around December '09 these were up about 30% vs. 26% for the S&P that year. Sounds mediocre, except I figured the trading costs alone on my Scottrade account would be $1680/year. Even if you have enough money to drown out the trading fees you then have to look at short term cap gains vs. holding an index (what if you hold the index for 5 years?).

The services can't be called fraud but the sales pitch sure could be looked at that way. But then so are some of those most closely connected to Dave Gardener - Tom is more of a straight shooter.

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#2) On December 13, 2012 at 2:47 PM, StanleyBlog (< 20) wrote:


And I’m going to let every investor I know about it and every blog on the Internet.

Cancel my F&*^%ingg subscription You Jerk, I’ll let everyone know every where on the Internet.
what a Rip-off scam Shah Gilani and the rest of Money Map Report, and Capital
Wave Forecase and your Radical Technology Profits. are.

And not giving me a Refund.

That’s your idea of Customer service, F&%K OFF AND F&%K YOU A$$H@LE

This guys Shah Gilani is a worthless scam and his entire Money Map Report, Capital Wave Forecast.

Hi Don,

I’ll take that to mean that you would like me to cancel the remainder fo your subscription. Please confirm and I will do so. I don’t want to send you a publication you think is a scam. However, you did not cancel within the advertised 60-day refund window and you will not receive a refund. Please confirm and I will cancel your subscription.


David A.
Member Service Representative
The Money Map Press

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#3) On October 11, 2013 at 2:15 AM, ayuinca (< 20) wrote:

Sorry to hear that Danshoe. How about later? Did you at last refund you? I have the same problem with them. I even requested refund within trial period but they disregard my request until later I have to call in to cancel. They don't refund me either. That's quit a  dishonest bussiness. They should feel criminal as giving out recommendations to subscribers and make them loss money but still charge fee. 

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#4) On May 24, 2015 at 4:32 AM, Fogeli (< 20) wrote:

Impossible to cansel Money Map Report suscription?

I did read their advertisement and did sign on. It turned out that they have automatic renewal of suscription. It seems that it is hard to get rid of it. 
They just keep sending material which I regard as spam. I am worried that they keep billing me for somethin I do not want.
I do not think their products can possible lead to better proofits than a index etf.

Sorry for my english, I am norvegian. 

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#5) On June 05, 2015 at 3:05 PM, Maxbarker (< 20) wrote:

Took a " you must buy this stock Osur ... Or it's on you to loose" I'm down 25% 4 days! Thanks money map press.

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