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December 26, 2007 – Comments (1)

I cannot figure out how to change the written recommendation I have when I made this pick, so I am adding this information here:

 PBG is a super stock and I wish I had known about it sooner. If you dig around in it you see that its potential is so big that it is hard to quantify. It is planning to grow production by leaps and bounds in the next 2 years both in Canada (also Sask and the Bakken) and in Colombia where so far it has 2 monster gusher wells that each produce 4,000 barrels per day. It is drilling a third in that area with high hopes. Even after all of its rise it is only worth about $4B and that is justified by its planned production rise. Its THAI technology, which seems to be near to being proven, might be a real game changer. It can double all of Canada's proven reserves since its projected recovery factor is double the current recovery factor. It is also cheaper to set up, cheaper to operate and is environmentally mild since it does not use natural gas or water. (In fact it seems that it will produce usable water.) I do not think that anyone will have a chance to buy it at $30 (unless maybe if there is a real big crash), and I think that it is still a buy at $62. Even though it was the best performing stock on the Toronto exchange this year, it may be the best performing next year and the next as well. There is certainly risk, but there is rarely an opportunity for such a big reward, IMO.

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#1) On December 26, 2007 at 1:17 PM, StockSpreadsheet (67.58) wrote:

What you can do is add a reply to one of your original pitches to update the information you feel is best now as opposed to what you stated in the original pitch.  That is the way most people change their opinions from or to update their original pitch.

Of course, if you post it here, then $0.02 goes to charity, so this might be the best place to post updates for this month.


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