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alstry (< 20)

More and More Get Less and Less



June 14, 2010 – Comments (2)

Everyone is now fighting for smaller and decreasing slices of the production pie.....

As credit is cutting off to a credit dependent economy....the prduction in America is just a few years.....

Construction DOWN 80%......

Auto Manufacturing DOWN 50%......

Government Spending primarily responsible for driving the economy,AS IT NEEDS TO BORROW TRILLIONS PER YEAR SIMPLY TO MAINTAIN THE STATUS QUO, is running out of money...forcing massive production cuts to safety(police and fire), eductation(teachers, professors), and health care.........

The fundemental question is who is entitled to the remaining and shrinking production/money of America?

The Stockholders?

The Bondholders?


The Welfare Recipents?

The Politicians with their BIG and growing incomes?

The Bankers with their MASSIVE bailiouts?

The Unemployed who can't find work?

The Social Security Recipients?

What about the tens of millions of otherwise hungry receiving Food Stamps?

What about the producers themselves?

It now becomes a scrum my friends as we enter the Digital Age.....the pie has become so small that we can't service everyone.....and the only ones we have bailed out so far is the bankers and politicians........

What if we just wipe out the stockholders and bondholders?

Or maybe stop giving production to the Welfare and Food Stamp Recipients?

Maybe we should just enslave the producers or force them to work defending against an external in a war?

Man must produce....or humanity perishes......

Welcome to the Digital Age......I told you it would be exciting.

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#1) On June 14, 2010 at 2:24 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

What about the people with money and or gold....are they the ones who should be entitled to be the slave masters of the producers?

How  do you allocate who owns the production as production continues to contract? 

How much do you think a nurse can charge if she is the only one who can save your life in a particular location?

Or a pilot who is the only one that can safely fly you to get lifesaving medical treatment?

As more and more airlines cut back, there are fewer and fewer pilots......

same with architects, and engineers.....and auto mechanics, and teachers,  and nurses, police officers, and  and and......

If the nurse won't treat you to save your life because you don't have enough money, will you force her to produce to save your life?  What will you do?  What kind of force would you use?

Les the starving man entitled to a loaf of bread is should the man who produced it simply handed it to him?  Would the baker of the bread even be able to bake the bread if the government did not provide him security?  All very interesting question as we enter the Digital Age and America shuts down because the bankers are cutting off credit......the same bankers we just bailed out and got billions in bonuses even though they were insolvent just like the loans they are foreclosing upon.....

Sorta crazy....the insolvent banker is entitled to the production of the insolvent farmer.......what kind of messed up system have we sheep sat back and let happen to us?

In the past, there was sufficient credit to maintain our consumption that credit is contracting, America is shutting down.....

Mass Layoffs at Hospitals Hits New Highs

Doylestown Hospital - 20

University of Minnesota - 370 

Davis Health System in Elkins - 37

Abbott Vascular in Temecula FL - 120

Westin Providence Hotel - 50

Hillsborough County FL - 200

Lucas County Sheriff’s Office OH - 16

La. Department of Education - 31

Exempla Healthcare - 100 Position from Hospitals in Denver 

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#2) On June 14, 2010 at 4:42 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

If enough producers quit producing...they will be forced to produce either by the end of a gun or by compulsory service due to war or some other threat.......

Eastern Pa. cement plant workers on strike

If man doesn't produce....civilization dies.....

The key question at that point is what will happen to the moochers?

You know, all those retired people dependent on the produucers for their the welfare recipients, government workers, food stamp recipients, ect.....

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