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May 04, 2011 – Comments (7)

As I have been explaining....our Industrial Economy is failing SYSTEMICALLY......and now this is becoming clearer to an increasing number.  It is not the end of the world, simply the end of a world as we knew it, and the beginning of the Digital Age and a Udder World.

"The systemic failure of the U.S. economy is pushing many to the brink of despair... The need to explain this systemic failure is part of what drives me to write this blog day after day, month after month, year after year--to help people understand the roots of our national and global failings."

Failure: Don't Despair, It's The New Normal

Remember....Prepare, Don't Fear

As the world becomes Alstry.

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#1) On May 04, 2011 at 8:04 PM, buffalonate (51.02) wrote:

We gained 179,000 jobs last month according to payroll processor ADP.  Warren Buffett who has a conglomerate of 80 companies says the economy is making slow steady improvement.  The Institute for Supply Management reported today that business improved in 17 of 18 industries.  Here is the link.  Seems reality is in conflict with your fantasies yet again.

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#2) On May 04, 2011 at 9:02 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

We are running a $1.6 TRILLION dollar deficit.  Assuming we are adding 2 MILLION jobs per year with that deficit, it is costing $800,000 per job.

Seems like your fantasy is about to end as currency is becoming more and more worthless in reality.

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#3) On May 04, 2011 at 9:38 PM, JFund (59.84) wrote:

Betting on the end of the world is not a good strategy.  If you are right, you are screwed; if you are wrong you are also screwed.

From my observance, you do not have a unique perspective on business at all.  You are basically echoing the tired, popular doom-and-gloom position that has been well-known by everyone for years already.

Your constant, unbalanced posting of only negative articles is a perfect example of what people in behavioral finance call "selection bias." 

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#4) On May 04, 2011 at 9:42 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

A $1.6 Trillion dollar DEFICIT......

please provide just one thing, absent this fact, to make my posting selection bias....

good luck, it is mathematically impossible

you must either crash, or fight the world to defend it......this has been the history of man for thousands of years.

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#5) On May 04, 2011 at 9:52 PM, JFund (59.84) wrote:

I'm not talking about your post as being selection bias.  I'm talking about how you have a habit of posting a list of links to only negative articles with almost every post regardless to the large amount of contrary evidence.

A man of reason has to weight both sides of a view and constant re-evaluate their positions.

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#6) On May 04, 2011 at 10:25 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

I do...a $1.6 Trillion dollar deficit....

it is FIRST dollar in.....without the deficit....there is no dollar or dollars that flow from that first dollar.

So any analysis beyond the deficit is simply a derivative of the deficit.

It would be comperable to telling an atheist in hospice with advanced pancreatic cancer who really wants to really have to look at both sides of life and death.

Again, I ask you to provide a single shred of evidence, absent the DEFICT, of the bright side.

Trust me, you can't.  I have run the problem by some of the smartest mathematicians and they can't find one.....if you can, I am all ears.

Otherwise, you better be damn well prepared to fight the world to defend that deficit.

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#7) On May 05, 2011 at 8:55 AM, buffalonate (51.02) wrote:

Deficits can be fixed.  Tax revenues are up 10% this year according to state governments.  In the last 7 months the economy has added 1.2 million jobs.  Those people are paying taxes.  We are getting out of Iraq this year and removing significant amounts of troops from Afghanistan which will save 100 billion dollars or so.  The 2012 budget will also make significant reducations to the deficit.  Our national debt is only half of Japan's and they don't seem to have imploded.  Our debt is only worrisome if you think the politicians will do nothing to remedy the situation.  If the 2012 budget gets passed and the cuts are under a 200 billion then I will be as worried as you but I don't think they are that stupid. 

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