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April 01, 2007 – Comments (3)

I'm sure no one is surprised by this.


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#1) On April 02, 2007 at 10:29 AM, CycleFreak7 (< 20) wrote:

Disclosure: I voted for Bush.  Twice.

The longer he's in office, the United States continues to deteriorate more and more rapidly. I cannot remember regretting the casting of votes any more than those I cast for Bush.

The end of 2008 cannot come quickly enough.

It's a sad state of affairs when I consider that the biggest reason I cast my votes for Bush was because I felt the alternative was worse.  Hindsight?  Maybe that wasn't the case. 

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#2) On April 02, 2007 at 2:28 PM, Greshm (86.57) wrote:


I can't tell you how much I respect someone who is today willing to admit that past voting record and that hindsignt may cause such regrets. 

The disappearance of all those "W" bumper-stickers here in Calif. has been amazing but nothing bothers me more than all the folks who then pretend it wasn't they who made the mistake with their vote[s].  My frustration with those with revisioinist personal histories then causes me to show one of my own worst faults and that is to begin pointing fingers and assigning 'blame' and the whole thing just becomes divisive and polarized once again.  Deadending with no progress. 

We need more voters like you.  Your frankness helps people like me move beyond the history and frustration and if we are going to turn this around for the sake of our Country, guys like me have to stop looking to place blame and we've got to all find middle-ground so we can find some real leaders for our future.  We really need them now...

Thanks for that breath of fresh air my friend, I've really needed it.


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#3) On April 03, 2007 at 9:42 AM, 231545 (< 20) wrote:

TMFBENT and others,

 I may be disappointed in Bush also, but are you certain about why you are against these firings?  From the article:

"While getting rid of prosecutors who did not adhere closely to administration priorities, such as rigorous pursuit of immigration violations and GOP allegations of voter fraud"

If you are not for securing our borders, controlling our immigration and ending voter fraud, the stocks you pick aren't going to amount to much in the long run as the country as we have known it falls off the cliff.

Bush is not doing enough in these areas, but if this report is accurate (that's always a big "IF" with the Washington Post), he's making a step in the right direction.  I remain unconvinced.


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