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Morningstar discussion on Healthcare Reform



October 29, 2008 – Comments (1)

A somewhat awkward discussion of the differences in two parties platforms on healthcare.  Similarities as well.  This is followed by a brief commentary on market effects.

For those still undecided on this election and who see healthcare as a major issue.

Worth a listen.

I'll get one more post up and then offer some modest opinion myself.




P.S. - Struggled to embed this.  If anyone is skilled at that and can do so in a reply, please do so.  Thanks

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#1) On October 29, 2008 at 7:25 PM, devoish (71.86) wrote:

Thanks for the post, and I am sorry I haven't had the time to discuss this subject here.

Missing from the discussion of Mccains plan:

If "State Barriers" are broken, providers will flock to States that offer the least consumer protections. Consumers outside those States will think they have protections which they no longer do. Advantage Provider.

Selecting from  a myriad of different coverages for the one that fits them best is a herculean task for consumers. Are you up to reading and selecting from thirty different plan coverage's that comes with a glossary longer than a novel? Especially when the providers have health data about what is most likely to ail you, that you do not have access to. Advantage Provider

Obama's plan:

Coverage is the same as Congressman get, which is pretty thorough.

An actual value for the phrase "reasonable level" as applied to costs would be useful.

Expanding Medicare and Schip. There are so many things the Gov spends money on that I would happily give up in order that a parent could easily take their kid to a Dr. without worry they would not fit in the space provided here. The same applies to taking care of my elders.

I would like to know where the high side cost estimate of 250bil come from to cover everyone. With 49mil uninsured, divided into a family of 4 equals 12.25 familys times 12k annual coverage equals 147bil. annually, and many of the working uninsured could probably pay half.

As a consumer of health care I vote Obama.

As an potential investor in UNH I vote McCain.

I would have to invest $80,000 into UNH stock and have it gain 15% annually to cover my $12k annual healtcare costs before deductions and copays and to not run out. Is that a fair way to look at it?

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