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Motley Fool's All Star Naysayers won't faze this AMAT investor. . .



September 03, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: AMAT

Wow!  You look at some recent posts about Applied Materials on Motley Fool articles as posted and shown on yahoo finance and you'd think Applied Materials is the absolute WORST stock to invest your money in today.

Granted... The Share price isn't doing much this year... But name me a share price that has kept any of its gains.... When Research in Motion is trading at $115 a share, I will not sit here and be fazed by needless doom and gloom by All Stars putting the cart before the horse.

These All Stars can go floating high on their momentum stocks all they want.. I smoked that joint and made hundreds of dollars to help cushion my losses (and I also lost hundreds of dollars) on doing *Gambling* style trades....

Investors of today need stocks of the FUTURE.  We don't need All Stars breathing down our backs and telling us what 4th Quarter 2008 will look like when our "horizon" is so far away from that quarter we couldn't care less.

The condundrum is this...  Why worry?  Why care?  These CAPS All Stars would have your head spinning dumping your investments for other investments on a weekly basis until you racked up more Commission Fees than Lehman Brothers has racked up mortgage losses.

Investors invest for the Future.

And if I am a firm believer that Applied Material's long term future is a bright one that could explode once those 6 solar/semiconductor factories are up and running throughout the World and the learning curve has been met and surpassed sometime in 2010 (which I might add is what the C.E.O. is emploring investors to hold there shares for) then I will stand firm on that conviction.

Not only will I HOLD my shares of Applied Materials..... But I'll keep buying more as All Stars keep finding excuses to trumpet short-term economic slow-downs as somehow a wise excuse for dumping a long-term investment.

You can't make any money in this stock market by bailing out before the Catalyst has even arrived.

I'll say it and I mean it with 100% conviction:

MOTLEY FOOL's ALL STARS  aren't ALL STARS in my League.
Stocks bounce from 3 Stars to 5 Stars almost on a weekly basis and you can not even base your judgements on how many colored stars your stock is getting.  So, All Stars are great people to read and study but not..never....should be the sole reason for investing in or selling a stock.

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