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March 03, 2014 – Comments (0)

As of time of writing the three countries with extreme internal peace and security breakdown with most media attention is Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela.

The United Nations Security Council consists of 15 members in charge of international peace and security, establishing of peacekeeping operations, establishing international sanctions, and authorize military action. Of the 10 non-permanent members who hold seats on a rotating temporary basis are elected on 2 year terms by the General Assembly and have limited influence on worldwide influence in peace and security.

The 5 members that hold permanent seats are the victorious powers of WWII, have maintained the world's most powerful forces since its formation in 1946, are among the world's largest weapons exporters, and are officially recognized as nuclear weapons states defined by Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). So in short these superpowers hold majority influence with veto power. A veto or negative vote by a permanent member prevents passing of a proposal, even if it has received the required solid 9 votes.

The 5 permanent United Nations Security Council members are including Current state representation and Former state representation.

CHINA (People's Republic of China 1971–present)

CHINA (Republic of China 1946–1971)

FRANCE (French Republic 1958–present)

FRANCE (French Fourth Republic 1946–1958)

RUSSIA (Russian Federation 1992–present)

USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics 1946–1991)

UNITED KINGDOM (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1946–present)

UNITED STATES (United States of America 1946–present)

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