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My contribution to Alstrynomics



April 16, 2009 – Comments (3)

Well, as you (my huge following) know, i am a believer in Alstrynomics. In fact, though alstry has defined many terms and specifics for us that i was not using, many of the generalities were known to me before.

   One of the ways to view the truth of the future is to understand the truth of the past. And the truth of the past is that much of what we were told but those folks who own the media, and are in control of the big money, is a lie. So here is my big attempt at a small contribution.


1. What we are told is capitalism is not capitalism at all, what we live under is CURRENCYISM. Capitalism would have a respect for capital. In capitalism, a tree standing would be worth money. In currencyism it is not worth anything till it is cut down. In capitalism, those who produce would be nurtured, and saving would be sacrament. In currencyism those that produce are cheated, and saving is a waste of leverage.

2. Capitalism is based on one sham. It is a con that was aloud to stand for centuries, based on one big myth.


   All of history has ridden on this one story. That there was always a new frontier. If you didn't like the way things were going, you just got together a few good men, and a few axes, and shovels, and over the mountain you went to carve out your kingdom. There would always be more land, timber, metal, oil, stone, and everybody had access to as much as they could carry.... Money made money, and money made money, and money made money.

    Now our spiral is hurtling at breakneck speed, all chained together like a freight train. Only now there is a wall of limit encircling the space we call capitalism. You can almost hear the squeal of metal as our trajectory begins to vector into this immovable object. 

 Hence the theory of concentric contraction, as the wall falls in on our mythical trajectory oran ever expanding spiral.

(alstry, i know that i have limited understanding, but i wonder how my poetry holds up in your theme)

I hope i am wrong. I hope that we will find free energy, and will not even blink at peak oil. I hope that all of a sudden the worlds population will diminish to half what it is. I hope that there is never another species that goes extinct. I hope that all the glaciers will reform in just a few years. I hope that no one EVER launches a nuke. I hope that god tells the christians muslims and jews that they are all right, and should stop fighting. I hope that we find a new continent with loads of natural resources and no natives on it (except some pretty girls) populated by all the specie that we thought extinct. 

   Ya' know, don't ya, that even if they DO manage space travel, and space living, it will only save a few thousand of us. They will not take all 7+ billion with them.

But then, what do i know, i'm just a poor farmer.


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#1) On April 16, 2009 at 3:53 PM, motleyanimal (38.08) wrote:

I'll concede that Alstrynomics is less smelly than examining goat entrails.

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#2) On April 16, 2009 at 4:38 PM, icuryy4me (< 20) wrote:

"  Ya' know, don't ya, that even if they DO manage space travel, and space living, it will only save a few thousand of us."

Well, if they can just take the ones trying to run the show now, that'll work just fine for me...

I note the moniker "SolarIsKing", I wouldn't bank on solar panels to solve the enery crisis since a complete system is net energy negative, i.e. you use more oil energy to make a system that you get out of it in it's lifetime.




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#3) On April 16, 2009 at 6:05 PM, SolarisKing (< 20) wrote:

Hey, icuryy4me, that's a great line about the few thousand, ROFLMAO

 Current solar panels are, yes, not good for everything. but i hear there are some other options coming, as i'm sure you know. 

But for that matter, my point is, the WHOLE DAMN WORLD is net energy negative. We live on the fossilized remains of billions of years of sunshine. and eat it as fast as possible.

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