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My Daily matra



April 27, 2007 – Comments (0)

My approach is to check my stocks every day. But I do so from the standpoint of a lifelong investor -- literally, right up until they carve my plot in the churchyard.

With that perspective, I find myself always on the lookout to LEARN more now so that I might EARN more later. Stocks down for the day, week, month or year ... well, what can I learn from that?

When all is said and done, none of us will remember how our money did on any given day. We'll even have trouble remembering our performance in any given year. But from saving methodically and investing avidly, the odds are very high we'll have increasing levels of financial independence such that we can live our days freely as we choose. With a tip of the Fool Cap to Milty Friedman, being free to choose our days is a noble aim.

I watch my stocks like a sports fan, watch the leaders at our companies like an owner, and watch our portfolio performance like a patient banker. The power of compounding, I submit, will make a pleasing mockery of your daily stock-price concerns.

Foolish best to you as your portfolio grows, stagnates, shrinks, and ultimately grows exponentially.

-- Tom Gardner, the Motley Fool

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