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My Fellow Sheep...You Are Finally Beginning To Learn You Are Slaves



April 02, 2011 – Comments (0)

It was just a matter of time....any person that works for money that another person can print out of thin not a man, but merely a slave.

Soon you will learn that as the years have passed we have become more and more specialized.  And such specialization allowed us to progress rapidly.  But as we became more specialized and more advanced, we became more dependent on others.

Without the production others, our civilization collapses.  MONEY must be a derivative of that production, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND....for once people figure out it is not, they will stop producing and civilization will collapse.

In a specialized world, we all suck on the money cow to function, and the cow is running dry......

a new money will develop....and we are keeping track of it at

Who is John Galt?  Who is Alstry?

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