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My Seeking Alpha Rebuttal $NVLX NVLX #NVLX



March 02, 2014 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: NVLX

Disclosure:  There may be typos in this article, the author does not purposefulllly intend to esmaculate any persons or Ticker symbols.


I Pitched both ticker symbols MJNA & NVLX somewhere here on the fool before back when NVLX was under 0.13 cents.  I seek the minds of the fools in response to an ignorant slam article posted by Fraud Research of Seeking Alpha on friday 28FEB2014 morning following an immense bull rally preceded by an initial bear decline.

 Over the weekend I tweeted Mrs. Fraud Research calling him a Fraud, and here is why.  Unfortunately she has already done what he intended to initally do. 


In her article titled : Nuvilex: Paid Promotion Marijuana Bubble Set To Burst  she claims that Nuvilex is paying for its promotion using marijuana as its engine.  She bases her entire article on the fact that the company is promoting itself and using it to their advantage to fool investors.  He also enforces the idea that the company is paying third party sources to deceive the general public on the legitimacy of the business.  This boring and horribly written article containing bootleg pictures is based solely on the PRESS RELEASES from said third party advertisers and other quacks creating a deceiptful summary of newswire mumbo jumbo.  FRAUDRESEARCH fails to play both sides of the field, and never references any intentions of the company.  His article SHOULD have been about the Subsidiary MJNA, which for a long time traded significantly higher than its parent company, which is why I chose NVLX to invest in. 



After writing her slam piece on NVLX and its PAID PROMOTION,  the author adds a tiny disclosure AT THE VERY END(when viewed on the mobile app) of the drawn out picture story that IRONICALLY states:

 "Disclosure: I am short NVLX. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. "



Also note he is doing exactly what he's accusing NVLX of doing.... 


Anywho, the purpose of this article is to offer a rebuttal.  I believe I have been following NVLX for far longer than the above mentioned fraud.  And have been swinging it consistently while remaining bullish.


While yes, I stumbled upon Nuvilex due to it being associated with the up and coming marijuana industry.  That is irrelevant.  Upon viewing a list of dubbed #potstocks in a blog written by Stockskeptic of the fool I began conducting my research and monitoring different companies.  Here is a link to StockSkeptics blog in which I act a straight up fool in Patois(Jamaican slang): 


The funny thing about NVLX is that NVLX itself has very little to do with the Marijuana industry.  Unfortunately Mrs Fraud makes Nuvilex seem like a company thats pipeline consists of medical marijuana treatments.  Another thing I noticed is that a lot of investors actually believe this misconception.  While yes Nuvilex owns a few subsididiaries that are involved in marijuana, including one that WON the cannibus cup this year for the highest cannibinoid concentrate(which is the speculated cure for different cancers & tumors).  This is not currently in their pipeline, though in the works.  


Nuvilex is in my opinion is what a Biotechnology company should be.  I consider myself a futurist and I strongly believe in the technologies this company is using to change the healthcare industry.  What first grabbed my attention of the company was the cell-in-a-box technology that they acquired the rights to.  In laymans terms, the cell in a box biotechnology is just what it sounds like.  It is a glucose based cell that can be filled with living cells.  Because the box is made of glucose, it is not considered a threat by the immune system, or is actually durable enough to not be effected by the immune system and durable enough to be injected into the patient by needle without breaking.  Nuvilex is using this biotechnology to fight different ailments.  Now if this sounds very futuristic, amazing, and out of this world it's because it is.  Nuvilex has had major success with their little mentioned revolutionary solution to diabetes.  Their current method, which is less grim then their previous method of using inglets from human cadavers, uses living pig inglets placed inside of the cell in a box.  When the pig inglet cell is injected into diabeteic rats one time, the rats would be diabetes free for over a 6 month time period.(I may be slightly off with the time frame.)


The other pipeline candidate which is closer to being FDA approved, and soon to be beginning its Phase 3.  Is using the same glucose based cell in a box biotechnology containing the cancer fighting drug Ifosfamide.  This is being used to combat Pancreatic Cancer.  So far in its trials, it has had continued success in longer life expectancy and dominates the alterior methods currently associated in the billion dollar industry. 

 While yes the companies financials may scare investors off, Nuvilex has attracted the interest of the Chicago based investment firm Lincoln Park Capital.  I believe the deal landed LPC 2 million in common stock at $0.25 and extended a line of credit of $25 million to advance is Phase 3 trials for its Pancreatic Cancer treatment.

Now let's put aside the smart acquistions and marketting that NVLX has done to grab the attention of myself and other investors, including some with deep pockets.  Anyone who doubts the potential of the medical marijuana industry is simply ignorant.  No one knows the possible benefits of the plant considering it has been restricted in its research for so long.  My major objection to Mr Fraud is why would you attempt to halt the advance of a company that you know nothing of that could possibly save yourself or a family member?  Would you rather have money or health.  Of course we all want both, but influencing a company that could save a childs life or anyones life for that matter is a low.  You my friend are a piece of work.   Also, I find you're psuedonym ironic for multiple reasons, one being there was little "research" displayed in your article. 

 Below I will include the actual website for the company, because anyone who has ever taken any kind of writing class in AMERICA knows that when you write a persuasive essay, it is wrong to remain completely and blatantly biased.  I'm rooting for you Nuvilex, and I strongly believe in what you are doing.  If Mrs. Fraud or any of his associates/family members has diabetes or pancreatic cancer, I hope Nuvliex's method will be the method they use to live a longer and healthier lifestyle.  I wish ill upon no one, and hope this paves the way for cutting edge biotechnology.  Because this is freaking cool.



Also I will include the article written by some one who will never be alpha, Sorry bro but you can't out alpha the Don Dada.




Foolish Disclaimer thang:

Invest at your own risks, I do not take opening and closing positions on the Motley Fools Caps seriously. 






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#1) On March 02, 2014 at 1:25 PM, YoungNGunnin2 (36.01) wrote:

I apologize I actually made a mistake. MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc is not NVLX subsidiary.  I confused it with Medical Marijuana Sciences, Inc during the marijuana news boom.  the premise of the article remains the same and holds true to the best of my knowledge

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