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My Stake in the ground



December 05, 2006 – Comments (0)

Ok you have to start somewhere so here I am with my first blog. I have been a big fan of the man they call Stan or TMFPlatoish and his outstanding write ups on hidden gems. Stan has mentioned that he does this as a way of keeping track of his thoughts on the companies he is interested in and I will be using my blog here to do the same.

I have been learning a lot about how to value stocks since I have subscribed to Hidden Gems and now feel like I have some rudimentary skills but I still feel more comfortable leaving the X's and O's to more knowledgeable people than me. My CAPS portfolio as well as my real portfolio is a combination of TMF Hidden Gems and Morningstar recommendations as well as some mutual funds in my real portfolio. Adding Bill Mann's new International stocks subscription to that list is a high priority. I am a big time Bill Mann fan. I need to free up some cash after a large addition I have underway first though. BTW Legg Mason's Value trust is my favorite and largest holding and I have been thinking for a while now that Bill Mann and Bill Miller bear an awfull close resemblance in a lot of ways. Am I crazy or does anyone else notice this as well?

I've been a Morningstar sub for a long time, I like the fact that they cover a lot of companies and are generally conservative. I know the quality of the analysis may vary from analyst to analyst but I will be using caps as a way to keep track of some of what I consider to be their better ideas and hopefully in the process find some of the better analyst as well as sharpen my skills at picking the right ideas.

Picking the right ideas is what I think my strong suit is and basically what I will be bringing to the table with my Hidden Gems picks. I already have a high degree of confidence in Tom and Bill's analytical skills, I hope to be culling the cream of their stock picking crop based on my intuition about the story behind the recommendation.

OK so there is my stake in the ground. I plan on posting a blog for individual stocks as I get time to investigate them and put some hopefully meaningful thoughts together. I have been reading through Zebra Technologies filings and listened in to their most recent cc and took a bunch of notes so don't be surprised to see a ZBRA blog soon.


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