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May 27, 2008 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: SPF.DL

Alstry has been Bashing SPF....
Floridabuilder has praised it, bashed it, then praised it again....

I  VARCHILD2008 have praised SPF all the way through but ended up panicing and selling off all of my shares of stock in SPF.

Question is.. Given today's bombshell report from SPF in which SPF reports receiving over 530 MILLION DOLLARS of investments from various investors, what did Floridabuilder know and when did he know it?

I am not a lawyer...
I am not a judge...
I am not a jury member...

But, Floridabuilder outperformed SPF out of seemingly no where and then just recently (days later) SPF's bombshell occurs and SPF's stock price soars more than 40%!  It could soar further in the coming days/weeks from this single news article.

Did Floridabuilder's connection reveal this news article information to Floridabuilder or not?

Floridabuilder is in the clear if his judgement of SPF was based on pure guesses regarding his connection's MOOD and ATTITUDE.

If I sound gloomy one day and then amazingly happy the next talking about the Red Wings versus Dallas Stars (unrelated topics to SPF) then maybe Floridabuilder based his opinion of SPF on that

Someone about to lose their job due to SPF going bankrupt all of a sudden sounding wonderfully chipper would trigger a GUESS that SPF is in the clear without having access to information no investor doesn't have.

But....Floridabuilder is treading danger water, walking on glass shards here.

What I know is Floridabuilder did not reveal this bombshell.  Or at least not that I know of.
I will go back and read his stuff on SPF to be sure.

The thing is.... I lost hundreds of dollars selling out of SPF 1 month or so before Floridabuilder's Outperform rating.....Before JIM CRAMER said "Don't Buy" to SPF.

Floridabuilder should realize that with his connection(s) to SPF, even the APPERANCE of insider knowledge should be enough to convince Floridabuilder NOT TO PUBLIC with PITCHES and OUTPERFORMS on that company.

It looks bad when you say SPF's Debt isn't as bad as it looks and then WAMMO the news strikes 1 week later which essentially erases most if not all of SPF's debt.  Put your feet in MY SHOES.

I SOLD SPF and LOST BIG and Probably would not have done that had I had the same access as you!

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