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NASDAQ Gets Halted: Shady Wall Street Continues



August 22, 2013 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: QQQ , GS

Just yesterday, an 'upgrade' to the systems of Goldman Sachs caused major losses to the bank. Rumors put it at over $100 million. The governing bodies stepped in and negated all the losses. Today, the NASDAQ has been halted due to a trading 'glitch'.

One has to wonder what shady activity is going on here. Did the NASDAQ get hacked and 'they' just do not want to tell the public? Whatever the reason is, it shows who wins out every time. The markets were halted not because the little guy may take a small loss but because the institutions have billions of Dollars at risk with these high frequency trading programs. Things are so screwed now towards pampering the institutions, the only true way a small investor can safely navigate is to be in and out short term.

Gareth Soloway

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#1) On August 22, 2013 at 1:44 PM, Poleet (60.15) wrote:

Had this happened on a day that we were expecting earnings or significant news, this would be an even bigger disaster. What if this was a signifcant news day, and investors were not able to liquidate their positions? 

It is beyond absurd that the NSDAQ did not offer any information themselves in way of an explanation, and it has been halted for over an hour now. 

Frankly, I am so tired of incompotence, fraud, and being pushed around by the system, that I am thinking of taking my money out and just putting it under my bed. At least there, I know I won't lose any more than I have saved, and on days like this, I am willing to settle for that.                     

This was a great trading day, it was going to break a 6 day losing streak, and now they have screwed it up, and investors are going to pull back their orders because they, justifiably, think the people running our financial systems or morons and crooks.

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