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gnulaw (47.44)

(NASDAQ:PVSW) Non-insiders Sustain Shareholder Value Destruction As Insiders Award Themselves $1.6M



January 12, 2012 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: PVSW.DL , TDC , INFA.DL


PVSW approaches 52-week low  also retracing May 2009 levels closing at $5.43 down another 3.38% on 2.53X ADV (3 mo). Non-insider shareholders continue to sustain shareholder value destruction as insiders award themselves $1.6 million in options at $.001/sh cost [1,2 comment #16]. [Precisely] why share repurchases are a sham [2] pursuant to PVSW.

Note: PVSW insiders have not purchased shares on the open market which says [everything] about the mindset of PVSW insiders.



1.  (October 28, 2011)  OPS OCCUPY PERVASIVE SOFTWARE - (NASDAQ:PVSW) Q1 Fiscal 2006 v Q1 Fiscal 2012

2.  (September 02, 2011) (NASDAQ:PVSW) 2011 Sees No Insider Buying But Much Insider Selling, Share Buybacks a Sham?

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#1) On February 23, 2012 at 8:18 AM, gnulaw (47.44) wrote:

Pervasive CTO Files 13G/A Owns 10.2% of common. Files under Rotenburg, LP , Cordoba LLC, Armidale LP, Salamanca he is at TED xBGSU 3:50/17:35 "...I'm a very active trader still..." #IHopeHeHasTimeToWorkOnBigData WTF ?!#%^@&!

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