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Natural gas down 15% in a week?



August 28, 2010 – Comments (0)

Wow, go away for about a week and the price of natural gas, which was already low, is down another 15%?

Price drives the economy.  The gas reserves found around the world are enormous I suspect it will keep price down, at least as long as the fracking process is profitable, but at these prices there is going to me more effort to use natural gas over other forms of energy.  So, anyone producing energy conversion kits for equipment that runs on other fossil fuels should see a demand.

Probably nice timing for the Bloom Box, of which there are critics...

But, regardless with low natural gas prices, more business will try and find equipment that will use natural gas to save costs.

Frank Veneroso was saying 3.5 years ago that with how high natural gas prices had gone, it was going to create a massive glut for years as the price was driving exporation so far beyond actual needs and that most would never get a chance to cash in at the high prices.  Interesting, the woman who works at our "college" here started last year and she was working in explorations and said she got out of it because the floor just fell out of the bottom in terms of finding projects to work on.

I think there is going to be a real sweet spot in natural gas...  This price is going to have to completely squeeze some companies out...  I wonder how long it will take...

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