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NBC & key executives need to be fired asap...



June 20, 2011 – Comments (0)

NBC apologizes for omitting ‘under God’ from pledge before U.S. Open

GEE  I wonder which highly overpaid idiot  was responsible for such a  fubar....  will someone get fired ???  probably not  ~  they'll get bonuses while  cutting back the peasants hours to pay for them.

Chris R 1 minute ago Report Abuse

Ta ta ta dum ta dum!!! charge!!! liberals strike again!!!

Erin 1 minute ago Report Abuse

Who cares when the under god was added to the pledge the fact of the matter is it is in the pledge of allegiance today and should not be edited, and anyone that doesn't believe NBC did it on purpose are complete idiots, they edited it they knew it was left out?? duh NBC are a bunch of progressives. What a shame!!! I do not accept NBC's apology because i don't believe it is sincere. They are sorry about the negative publicity is all.

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