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New Hard Drive Technology in the works



February 07, 2012 – Comments (0)

This is a great advancement and will certainly revolutionize hard drives. For as great as flash drives are (and they are: low power consumption, good read rates) there are a number of problems with them (not so good write rates, limited 'block writing' capabilites / lifetime limitations). Which means that current flash hard disks will never replace magnetic hard disks in server applications. But this would really make magnetic hard disks comparable to flash drives in terms of energy consumption, and still retain the benefits of high bandwidth read and write operations and high lifetime on those operations. Not too shabby :)


Physicists 'record' magnetic breakthrough
February 7, 2012

An international team of scientists has demonstrated a revolutionary new way of magnetic recording which will allow information to be processed hundreds of times faster than by current hard drive technology.

The researchers found they could record information using only heat - a previously unimaginable scenario. They believe this discovery will not only make future magnetic recording devices faster, but more energy-efficient too.

The results of the research, which was led by the University of York's Department of Physics, are reported in the February edition of Nature Communications.

York physicist Thomas Ostler said: "Instead of using a magnetic field to record information on a magnetic medium, we harnessed much stronger internal forces and recorded information using only heat. This revolutionary method allows the recording of Terabytes (thousands of Gigabytes) of information per second, hundreds of times faster than present hard drive technology. As there is no need for a magnetic field, there is also less energy consumption."

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