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New World Powers



May 07, 2011 – Comments (2) | RELATED TICKERS: SLV , AG , AUY

I bet you think this is a NWO post. Wrong.NWP New World Powers.  Someone did not like my last post about the coming food shortage and global riots and reported it as offense. Maybe it was because I had a Jewish person who became Christan talking about Jewish Zions and banking. Jews talking about Jews. Maybe it was because of the film about IVAC talking about how he had people telling him we are now Occupiers in Iraq and worse than Saddam. He thinks along with other vets that we should just get out. Maybe it was the film that showed Riots over food and jobs all over the world this last year and getting worse. Maybe it was because of the UN link where they are still going forward and in a few months for a world treaty on guns and maybe ammo. UN going after Syria now and Drone attacks in Yemen.The US Army went and blew the Levee's and now the farms are under water.  All news that is going on around the world and how it will affect sectors for trading. Not a stock but an area of which stocks you should look into. Well that was their choice and it is what it is. However that does not change the facts that these things are happening. Riots? Look into Prison Sector. More Dron's flying? Look for the makes of these machines and see if you want to invest in these stocks. No fly zones? Who makes the bombs. More wars? Boeing and Locked Martian. Sub contractors in Iraq. Who do they buy their supplies from and how can you profit. Flooding and Tornadoes? Short Insurance CO. and buy what will need to be replaced. Cars Trucks lumber pluming carpets and what not.  I am still staying with silver and oil for now. United Nations considering on putting boots on the ground in Libya and then sanctions Syria. All started with the turn coat Bush followed by turn coat Obama.

Tuesday, May 10, Israel turns 63 years old. Oh is that the day the flotilla backed by people in our gov ( not sure funded in part by soros may be why he sold some gold ) set to go against the Israel block aid? All Nations have a right to defend ourselves. What would have happened if we had the UN during our Civil War and they sided with the South? Scary thought.

AP now pressing the Obama Team for Photos of Ben Lauden death. under the freedom of information act. I wonder if he will show said photos and when. I hope not on May 10 or 11. That would be very bad timing.  Or good depending on how the powers that be are looking at it.

Did not Brizil take about 2 billion dollars from us to get Deeper Water Drilling for PTR? Now after they take the money and run they have joined in calling for a new world currency.

BRICS demand global monetary shake-up, greater influence By Abhijit Neogy and Alexei Anishchuk

SANYA, China (Reuters) - The BRICS group of emerging-market powers kept up the pressure on Thursday for a revamped global monetary system that relies less on the dollar and for a louder voice in international financial institutions.

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa also called for stronger regulation of commodity derivatives to dampen excessive volatility in food and energy prices, which they said posed new risks for the recovery of the world economy.

Meeting on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, they said the recent financial crisis had exposed the inadequacies of the current monetary order, which has the dollar as its linchpin.

What was needed, they said in a statement, was "a broad-based international reserve currency system providing stability and certainty" -- thinly veiled criticism of what the BRICS see as Washington's neglect of its global monetary responsibilities.

The BRICS are worried that America's large trade and budget deficits will eventually debase the dollar. They also begrudge the financial and political privileges that come with being the leading reserve currency.

"The world economy is undergoing profound and complex changes," Chinese President Hu Jintao said. "The era demands that the BRICS countries strengthen dialogue and cooperation."

In another dig at the dollar, the development banks of the five BRICS nations agreed to establish mutual credit lines denominated in their local currencies, not the U.S. currency.

The head of China Development Bank (CDB), Chen Yuan, said he was prepared to lend up to 10 billion yuan to fellow BRICS, and his Russian counterpart said he was looking to borrow the yuan equivalent of at least $500 million via CDB.

"We think this will undoubtedly broaden the opportunities for Russian companies to diversify their loans," Vladimir Dmitriev, the chairman of VEB, Russia's state development bank, told reporters.


The call by the BRICS for a new monetary order are not new.

But, coming hours before a meeting in Washington of finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrial nations, the traditional power brokers of the world economy, Thursday's communique showed the growing confidence of emerging markets. ect. ect. ect.


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#1) On May 08, 2011 at 9:49 AM, MoneyWorksforMe (< 20) wrote:

"The BRICS are worried that America's large trade and budget deficits will eventually debase the dollar.They also begrudge the financial and political privileges that come with being the leading reserve currency."

That goes for me as well. I cannot root for the team that has such a distinct pre-existing advantage, which is exploited to handicap its competitors. There is a lot to be said of fairness. For capitalism to yield fruitful results, we all more or less must be on the same, level playing field--we are not.

For those who are willing to win, regardless of what it takes, exploiting the privileges of having the world's reserve currency may seem like a necessary evil for the U.S. to maintain its dominant presence. One might say, "What if China, or Russia had the reserve currency, they would be doing the same thing as us, if not worse...", which may very well be true. But, as an American, envision the amount of resentment you would have for either of these countries if they were in our position, employing the same irresponsible fiscal and monetary policies. You do not live in China or Russia, but your family suffers from skyrocketing food and fuel prices, as they perpetuate their own prosperity. How would you feel about this?

It is one thing for our government to do what it's doing covertly, but the world is becoming increasingly aware. The veil has been lifted. Our government has the audacity to dismiss others when they voice concerns over U.S. policy's effect on food and energy prices, but the skepticism and resentment is growing. It will reach a tipping point--it's not a matter of if, but when.

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#2) On May 08, 2011 at 3:21 PM, L0RDZ (89.97) wrote:

Happy  Mothers  day....  sorry   I wasn't able to read your post....



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