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News the CFR Members News Stations won't tell you.



June 27, 2011 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: GS , JPM , C

Rull of law? What rule of law. There is no rule of law right now. Well maybe there is the law for you and me then there is the other rule of law for the rest of the folks. But durn it. This makes it even worse for my men and women who are serving in the how many wars now? Declared and Undeclared. 5 now. Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Yemen and Libya. Any others you can think of? Is it no wonder China is getting a little upset with us?

No not when the FED is running the Stock Exchange.

Then you have these guys. I am beginning to like them. Gerald Celente & Max Keiser on The Edge 25 June 2011

I just wonder where all this is going to take us.I have great hope.From June 10. I wonder how that one turned out.The little dogs are attacking the med. dogs and so on up the line. Yep they are still setting us up for the second coming of Jesus. Well just a little bit of news to help you on your trading plans. What will the powers that be do next. China fires on the USA or maybe Iran? Maybe they will bring for the fact that Aliens are among us or landed. Maybe the powers that be will come out with news that they found the Arc of the Covenant. Maybe they will say the with the blood of the seal it matches the shroud of Turin and it matches _____________- and through DNA testing they are the blood line of Christ. Oh who knows what the powers that be will come up with next. Like I said it is going to be a very interesting year.  Oh and we will have such fun trading.I wish I could be at the FED meting with the Wall street guys. I will be sleeping.


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