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NHL is back ? can gov learn anything from the lock out..



January 06, 2013 – Comments (4)

After  scanning the  web  and  learning  about  the nhl  lock out  ending,  I  was  ready to write something comparing  the lock-out  to the impass about  the debt ceiling.

But  than  life  kicked in,  I  got  distracted responding  to the return of  the great Alstry  and  in trying to tell my  story in riddles...

Than  a  song  and  a thought  took me to both pleasant  and  painful memories,  filling the emptiness with  temporary  thoughts   of  greatness  and  the absence  of  pain.

Any who...  back  to my original  nhl  comparison...     pending  owner  and  player  approval  there will be  a shortened  nhl season  this  year,   apparently  around  5  am  a  tentative  deal  was  brokered.  (did I spell  that  right ?)

So  what  can  those  in  power  in  the government  learn  about  their  own  similiar  situation involving  the  debt  ceiling  that  according  to at  least one source  was  surpassed  as  the new year  came.

Will it  take  our  government 116  days like it took  the nhl  ?  what  was  I thinking  writing  on caps ?

While  the nhl is  entertainment,  the  situation  with  the debt  isn't,  but  what  if   they  don't  raise  the ceiling  and  why  and  how on earth  did  we  spend  all the money ?  what  did  we  get ?  

A  bloated  government  dependant  upon pork barrel spending  and deficits  ?

A  war  on  terror ?

A  war  on  drugs ?

An economy  on  life support.

Bail out of  the rich  ?

Where  did all that  money  go ?  

Wait I  feel  an   aDHD  disorder coming....   in the meantime listen to this

Bang  your  head... to  the insanity...  if  you have any alcohol  drink up..  if  you have anything else umm...   just say no...   wait  what  was  I  talking about  oh yeah  the  gov-ment.

Wait  here's something more positive

Okay  now  back  to  the issues

Our government  is  drowning  in debt,   our economy  isn't as prosperous as it could be,   our  leaders  would  rather  look  to punt  the football on second  and  third  downs  rather than risk taking  the punishing pain of  the defense  and  special interest  groups  who  would rather not have anything taken away.

So  whats  a  fool  or  person to do ?   voting  apparently  doesn't  do much.

Taking  up  arms ?  who is  the enemy  and  those  living by  the sword usually die by them.

The solution isn't  giving more taxes,  it's  kind of  like trying to solve an alcoholics  problem by giving them more alcohol  to drink.

Acceptance of  the problem  may be  part of  the solution  provided  acceptance can be agreed upon as to what  exactly  is  the problem.

So anyways,  how  do  we  come  to a  solution and  of  what problems ?

Wake up

Wow I'd rather  talk  about  the hockey league  than those  rooster loving  fools in gov..

So  what's it going  to take  to fix  things ?

Blackmail ?  oh no  Lord  you didn't  why's  it  got to have black in it... 

God I wish  the new  game  of  thrones series and  spartacus would  start already to  distract me from  the fact  that   I  loved  the wrong woman  and  we have a  self  serving  government  bent on  sucking up all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Wishing  I  was medicated,  but  I'm not on any  prescriptions  to the  shar-grin of  some woman who said she loved me, but  was only  using me .

So what are the solutions ?

Do we  throw  hail mary passes  and  pray someone  connects ?

WHat  got us into  this hole and when you're digging in a hole stop making it deeper.

So  how  do we stop digging  ?  where do we  make cuts  ?  who do we tax ?

Why would I  tell  them  ?  

 I know one thing,  if I was in charge,  i'd  really shake  things up,  maybe it's a  good thing  I'm not.

Anyways,  one start would be  no  days off  for politicians until  they fix  it,  no sleep for the wicked,  maybe  they need  to  act  like others  and be forced to get second  jobs  outside of  the bs  they call work in being politicians  and  said money be taken to pay down the debt they have legislated with all the spending they do.

Just a thought...

crazy as it sounds.

Now back to watching football...





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#1) On January 07, 2013 at 12:02 AM, lquadland10 (< 20) wrote:

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#2) On January 07, 2013 at 12:29 AM, L0RDZ (91.04) wrote:

A  perfect circle...

What is  dead  is  dead...  and  may never die...  a  game  of  thrones.

wake up and  face  me...  because maybe  some day  I will walk away.

Free will  to  do  stupid  things.

Thanks  L

and  Happy  New  Year...


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#3) On January 07, 2013 at 1:43 AM, HarryCaraysGhost (87.66) wrote:

Hockeys back...?

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#4) On January 07, 2013 at 10:32 AM, L0RDZ (91.04) wrote:

Anyone  remember  the  wing av  rivalry ?

LQQK at  who is smiling  and  who is bleeding...

Here's  the full game

 Go figure hockey is supposedly gonna come back...

Salary cap is lame...   financial cap much better

Anyways it  still is a  billion dollar business...


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