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Nikkei 225: Now, 75% Off!



June 12, 2009 – Comments (2)

The Big Picture has the story.

Amazingly, the recent rally in the Nikkei Dow means it now over 10,000 — down from 40,000 in 1989. It has lost 75% of its value since 1989.

Congratulations to the Japanese for their outstanding zombie banks, fiscal and monetary policies. We enjoy them so much we are trying to do the exact same thing!

You have to see the chart here.

My Comment:   The Japanesse are some of the hardest working and most industrious cultures on the planet. Japanesse men live to work (in general). You might recognize that Japanesse make some of the best cars and electronics in the world etc....

But their stock market, real estate and yen have been decling for 20 years. Can't happen here in the US? Well, it is happening in the US, but at a greater velocity.  IMO, those that are blindly Bullish on the US market, are picking up nickels in front of a fast moving bulldozer. Eventually, some Fools are going to get flattened.



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#1) On June 12, 2009 at 8:03 AM, portefeuille (98.91) wrote:

Japanesse men live to work (in general).

I know of a few other things that they live for, but they might not make the cut as to "decency" of the "caps" blog comments ...

Have you seen the calculation of your "caps" game return in comment #30 here?

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#2) On June 12, 2009 at 8:16 AM, portefeuille (98.91) wrote:

Don't write off the Japanese. Have a look at the section on Japan here and figure 1-7 on the following page (p.22). The fall that started in ca. 1945 was huge and the stock market had recovered by ca. 1960!

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