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alstry (< 20)

No Jobs, No Hiring, No Money.....Zombulation



January 08, 2010 – Comments (6)

When credit expansion was the driver of the productive economy........and bankers cut off credit but maintain the full debt to suffocate the cash destroy the productive economy as cash flow drops so low there is not enough money moving around to service the debt and/or do much of anything.

Whether you like it or not.....our private productive economy is shutting down while we are bonusing the banksters and giving them practically unlimited free money to destroy the private productive is truly unbelievable how complacent America has been watching this unfold as the taxpayer bailed out bankers laugh at the nation's expense.

When the private productive economy shuts receipts evaporate.  Now there is a tension between the needs of government and the ability of the private economy to pay taxes.  Tensions will rise going foward as receipts continue to evaporate and demands on government explode.

This is Zombulation my friends.....and the policy of Benny The B....causing America to run out of money, run out of income, and run out of access to credit...........driving us to simply economically shut down.

Now Zombulation is spreading rapidly......if you personally have not run out of money yet, soon your employer might or his customers will......and then eventually you will.   Soon so few will have any money that we simply can't sustain our nation as we know it.

How many Detroits can America sustain and support??????

The only way out of this is to purge or restructure the bring the cost of expenses and servicing our debt in line with our revenues......until we do that, conditions will get worse at an accelerating rate.  Plain and simple.

Based on the current trajectory of job losses.....we had over 20,000,000 receive unemployment benefits in 2009....we probably had another 5-10,000,000 independent contactors lose incomes in 2009 that were not counted.  That is over 25-30,0000 Americans lose incomes with very little job creation............

In 2010.....we will likely see at least the above number and probably more people lose jobs/incomes taking true unemployment to closer to 50%............placing massive burdens on government against an evaporating tax base.  The only reason the unemployment rate is only 10% is because the BLS keeps aribitrarily taking hundreds of thousands of Americans out of the workforce each month even though the population is growing.

Right now the only three areas receiving unlimited access to credit is War, Welfare, and Wall Street Bankers..........guess where that is directing our nation????????

In the past, whenever a central bank has instituted a Zombulation policy........WAR has always been the outcome......the larger the nation, the bigger the war.

We are just about at the point where government and Wall Street Bankers can't conceal the true conditon of our economy.  Without a massive restructuring of debt......there is only one choice left.

Now the question is what will the government be forced to take from you when there is practially no tax receipts, a massive welfare burden, and an exploding cost of defense while the bankers are continuing to line their pockets with your money as they cut off productive America from credit??????

PS...Things are this bad WHILE running a $2 Trillion dollar deficit MASSIVELY stimulating health care, welfare, and war.....imagine where things are going when tax receipts shrink further and governments' demand explodes...and you don't have that much money to give them.......can you fight so they can maintain their lifestyle????

Outlook for Job Market is Grim

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#1) On January 08, 2010 at 10:57 AM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

UPS to cut 1,800 jobs in US segment realignment

Lockheed Martin Corporation - Plans 1,200

Fairfax County Public Schools - Budget Proposal = 600 Jobs Cut 

Reno NV Fire Department - Layoffs Expected Soon

Technicolor - 105

City of Tucson Arizona - 3 Prosecutors 

As productive America shuts down....the bankers laugh all the way to the Fed.

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#2) On January 08, 2010 at 12:10 PM, biotechmgr (< 20) wrote:

State of PA completely exhausted 2 reserve funds while taking 101 days past deadline to pass a budget. 2010 is going to be uglier.

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#3) On January 08, 2010 at 3:14 PM, hhasia (65.20) wrote:

Don't you know? Before you can make something new you have to destroy the old?  New wine in old wine skins will break the skins and both will be ruined. New wine is put in new wine skins.

People must be so exasporated and fed up, they will accept the new.  This is the greatest crime of all.  People who acquiess for the sake of a loaf of bread will end up slaves and serfs.  America... land of the serfs.  The greatest defence: Be separate, be debt free, form community based exchanges, care for each other and no matter what do not give up the land.

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#4) On January 08, 2010 at 6:37 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:


Case New Holland ( Grand Island Plant ) - Plans 128 Layoffs, as Previous Announced in Nov.

Pfizer Collegeville - 450

The Battleship New Jersey Tourist Attraction - 12

WDTN- TV Channel 2 - 4

ConMed Corporation Utica - up to 100 Over the next 8 Months

Booth Newspapers Michigan Today announced Staff Reductions At The Grand Rapid Press

CenturyLink - 600 in Past 6 Months 

Update: Merck + Schering Reps - Face 500+ Job Cuts

The Westport Shipyard - More Job Cuts

Update: City of Reno - 48-58 Layoffs Possible Today 

Engineered Machined Products, Escanaba - 26 Temp?

The Taney County MO - 13

Clark County - 67 Today

Thomas Nelson Community College - Layoffs Details Later Today

Molecular Insight Pharmaceuticals Inc. - 9

Baton Rouge La - Budget Due out Today - 6 Jobs to be Cut this Month Already

Foot Locker - 120 Corporate Jobs

Fresno County Sheriff Department - More Layoffs Coming

UPS - Plans 1,800

The West Penn Allegheny Health System - 213

Technicolor - 105

Fairfax County Public Schools - Budget Proposal = 600 Jobs Cut 

Reno NV Fire Department - Layoffs Expected Soon

Tucson Regional Economic Opportunities - Job Cuts This Week

City of Tucson Arizona - 3 Prosecutors 

Gurit in Canada - 125 Temporary Layoffs

Village of Matteson  - 22

Sutter Lakeside Hospital - 19

The Pleasanton School District - Possible 50+ Layoffs  Increased Class Size

McQuay International - 75 

Rockford Public Library - Layoff Announcement Monday

Corel Corporation ( International ) - 20% of Global Workforce

Westport Shipyard Inc - 6+

Pfizer Pearl River - 116 in April

DeSoto Mills in Fort Payne - 104 Jobs Gone

Regal Cinemas at Inlet Square Mall

Update: Polyair Inter Pack Inc will close its plant in Youngstown, Ohio

Albertson Grocery to Close 8 Florida Stores 

Albertsons Grocery Chain Plans to Close 3 More Denver Area Stores

Gate Gourmet Airlines Closing Philadelphia Site -  27 Jobs Lost

Porter Novelli to Close Sacramento Ca Office

Movie Gallery - 400 More Stores

Zen Sushi  & Noodle in IA

UPS Closing Cincinnati District Office

Deck The Walls at Westfield Gateway mall

CalNeva Broadband Office Closing

Blackhawk Restaurant in Wheeling Closed Dec 31

Video Business End Publications 

Foot Locker to Close 117 Stores

Annville-Cleona School District Proposes Closing North Annville Elementary School

Los Angeles label Anzevino and Florence Closes LA Store

Wavelengths in Bakersfield CA Closing, May Reopen

Marshalls in Mohave Crossroads shopping center

Rite Aid store in Harte Haven Plaza in Massena NY

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Blue Ridge

Montreal Canada Shell Refinery to Close

The Gap store at Westwood Mall

The Wishing Well party supply stores in Sacramento CA 

Update: Accubuilt an Elkhart plant Closing in March

Caritas Health and Wellness Center Norwood MA

Borrego Ranch Resort & Spa in San Diego Ca?

Burger King in Kettering 

Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuit restaurant in Centerville



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#5) On January 08, 2010 at 6:52 PM, alstry (< 20) wrote:

The numbers keep getting bigger and bigger as many of you sit back silently and watch......

The government laid off more than 2,400 government workers Friday — and was expected to target other jobs for elimination — to try and pare down a $3.2 billion deficit and avoid a government shutdown.

I can assure you, if we go through another year like the last one, there will not be much left standing.

You might as well prepare for war, whether abroad or a domestic convulsion.

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#6) On January 09, 2010 at 12:43 AM, hhasia (65.20) wrote:

To put the nail in the coffin.

Better yet.

So much for long term investing. What if they are all wrong.



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